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Hanjo Schmidt
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Acrylic on canvas
h.230cm w.190cm d.5cm
Jun 2014

Hanjo's Description: Grand Show April 2018

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2018-04-25 10:09

Dear John-Paul, after a long time of absence I thought about coming back to good old art process. So in the next days I will upload some of the new works. I hope it's okay with you. Best regards and I hope you are well!

2018-04-25 21:29

Hey Hanjo! It's been ages! Great to see you about these parts again. Hope you're well and have been doing lots of super paintings.
It's a coincidence that you call by now as just a short time ago I got in touch with Hillel about resuscitating AP after years of silence. Naturally he grumbled but, in doing so, did give me the necessary moral support to make me think about embarking upon a complete re-design and re-think of AP. It'll be APDR (ArtProcess Done Right) this time haha.
Anyway, as a proof of concept, I'm planning to start with an idea of his of many years ago - an artist interview section. It'll take a few months to complete and test I reckon, and then hopefully you'll accept an invitation to be interviewed?
I look forward to read about what you've been up to these past years.

As for myself, I've quit the dishwashing job and have returned to Ireland to live alone in a tumbledown thatched cottage - it's a bit of a challenge to say the least, but I've a lot more time now to dedicate working on a new version of ArtProcess, and to mess around with doing some arty stuff myself.

Once again, welcome back - hopefully you'll get some response also from the old gang that'll momentarily breathe a bit of life back into the decrepit corpse of this old site.

2018-04-26 01:12

Hello Hanjo,
Paul is doing a great job building the interview application nere on Artprocess, I think it will attract much attention if enough people get to know about it.
By the way your work is great. I'm watching the series Westworld at the moment about a playtown filled with humanoid simulacrums that guests get to abuse in any way they please. Whats interesting about it from a visual perspective is the emphasis on the human form and your paintings reminded me of similar preoccupations. There is something disturbingly intimate yet distant about them, I like the tension.


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