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Sheila Brown
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Rosamund's Wild Flowers
Oil on Board with knife
h.68cm w.29cm d.0cm
Jan 2005

Sheila's Description: Painted from a series of photos taken at Anne's Grove, Co. Cork, Ireland.

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2006-12-05 10:57

Sheila, this I like best. You know that with flowers there is the same problem as with the nudes. One can easily slip into the kitschy section of art. The only attitude that helps out of this maybe modesty and respect for what really is. As an example in this I’ve always seen Monet. When one compares Monet with Singer (who was a extraordinary portaitist) working together in the garden one sunny afternoon painting the same motif, a lady in a white dress, one can see the difference. Singer even as he can adopt an impressionistic style never looses his elegant background. In the opposite Monet just followes his eyes. And what comes out is at first view two paintings looking nearly the same but on a closer look unveil a totally different attitude towards art. So for to cut a long story short, try to follow your eyes as you did in this painting and the one with the bark and try to avoid patterns as in the next one.

2006-12-06 12:15

Thank you for your comment, Hanjo.I am really interested in what you say. It is fascinating that this is one of the first that I did with knives, and of the wild flowers. It seems to have a spontaneity that later ones lack. I began to analyse too much instead of reacting with my eyes as you suggest. I will check out Singer's work. Thanks again. Sheila

2007-06-07 16:57

Hi Sheila, i love flowers and i think this is one of my favorite in recent times. I dont and cant use oils so those who can i think are gifted...
I wonder if you made a visit to Rajasthan , India early this year in march 2007... ? At a rsort called "Apani Dhani"? seems like i have seen you there... sketching the pink Bouganville Flowers

In any case i am delighted by the freshness and the dimension works very well... slender...horizontal.. like a slit in the wall which takes the eyes side ways instead of further into the horizon.. this way the picture looks intimate and almost like i am sitting in the grass ,among the flowers...instantnously touching them... trying to understand what makes them so beautiful and desirable.


2007-08-23 10:13

very beautifil


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