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Patricia Carmo
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oil stick, tape
h.29cm w.24cm d.1cm
Aug 2007

Patricia's Description: green line series

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2007-11-16 13:31

The famous beginning of Joyce’s book Finegans Wake „ riverrun, past Eve and Adam’s, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to Howth Castle and Environs.“ actually is nothing else than the continuation of the last sentence of the novel „ A way a lone a last a loved a long the“. So both parts of one sentence make the connection and close the ring, making the novel a true neverending story. And in the same way they make a line a circle.
When looking at Patricia’s green line it comes to my mind that this is an endless line too. Telling a neverending story and only out of reasons for storing it is broken in parts and put on a pieces of paper like the line of Joyce’s novel is broken and put on bookpages, 628 of them, to make it possible for us to look at it. And like at Patricia’s line, which one cannot „read“ but only look at, you can only look at Joyce’s line for also it is not readable in a classical way. What you get out of this kind of narration depends on your way of looking at it. If you are cursory you’ll get nearly nothing. But if you take your time, empty your mind of distractions and concentrate on what you see – what means to really look out of your eyes – then the line will start talking to you. It will tell parts of a narration you have to combine and to connect with your own experience to make it become understandable. Maybe that some parts of the line will come out as being a script of music instead. I guess that John Cage would have had a try to make Patricia’s line sound. And Joyce would have loved to see Patricia’s work too in it’s Irish green. So that piece of her neverending line I bought on Wednesday, 14th of November 2007 at her opening in her beautiful studio in Rome is very dear to me. Looking at this green line, this mysterious narration, confirms to me that Patricia is one of the most serious artists on this website.

2008-07-18 14:30

Patricia, wouldn’t it be interesting to put some of your works from the Green Line Project onto this website. I mean you are so much engaged with it and I think that we all should have the chance to have a glimpse. Perhaps it would not be necessary to fill this space with the 30 meter versions but some of that wonderful „texts“ would do perfectly. Pleeeeezzzzz


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