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JP Delaney
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Male Painting
Oil and gesso on fabric
h.240cm w.115cm d.20cm
Jun 1994

JP's Description: I had a large canvas that wasn't going anywhere, and had been abandoned in the corner until someone gave me a pile of jute sacking from India. I ended up with this as the result.
It was the first time I used jute as a material. I think I loved the exotic Eastern odour more than anything else, and I still use it a lot in current works (it's also much cheaper than canvas).

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2010-01-05 22:51

Shahmeran who most probably may be linked with the snake gods of Mesopotamia, being converted into female in connection with the mother-goddess cult, is a symbol of Anatolian mythology. Her story may be related with the story of Jemlia of the Arabian Night Tales, but should be narrated much later than the appearance of the symbol. Not being in conflict with central Asian Turkic belief which regards snakes as the earthly universe, and adapting herself into Islamic belief of Anatolians by filling the gap of a distinguished female personality, had made her survive until today. The semantics of the symbol varied and enriched, her identity gradually enlarging from protecting females and homes to a more sophisticated assistance regarding her wisdom in the times of trouble. In time she who accepts her fate in full self-sacrifice, yet still holds the leading role at her story, had converted into a heroine for especially Eastern Anatolian women who identified themselves with her. The sociological characteristics of the region which only permits a closed society because of feudal relations had also helped the journey of Shahmeran from past to present. In that sense, the future of Shahmeran remains a mystery just like the symbol herself still does.I worked shahmaran and Guernica's mother...Thanks for your comment.

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