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JP Delaney
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Oil on panel
h.280cm w.330cm d.5cm
Apr 1986

JP's Description: To do

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2006-05-22 05:00

Now you're really digging up ancient artefacts. I've just realized I'd mistakenly put in the date completed as 1996, when in fact it was 1986 (sometimes I think numbers aren't a good enough representation of our past, and often unconsciously screw dates up).
Yes, you're spot on with it's a Guston rip-off. I was a kid, had fallen in love with a babe from the US (who subsequently became a famous NY video artist) who introduced me his work. She dumped me pretty soon after, but left me with a deep appreciation for his work.
I think it (the painting) also got dumped in the end - like so many do. Whoever I gave it to eventually threw it in the garbage.

2006-05-22 05:00

This one here really looks impressive. I wish I could see it larger. This damn computor of mine won't let me click it up. Beautiful colour, form and depth its got that very early and very late Guston feeling to it and you know by now that I mean that as a major compliment.
Where do have this little gem tucked away Delaney?

2007-05-14 19:33

You cannot possibly mean that you know for a fact that this was thrown away! It is BEAUTYFUL!

2007-05-15 20:56

Thanks Maria... but rather than beautiful, it was just big - too big. People don't have room for such things and as it's always in the way, they end up discarding it. At least I have a photo of this one - there were three others of that size from the same exhibition, and they no longer exist - but I don't even have a photo of them (the youthful idealism of doing the work and simply walking away, having no attachment). I still have a little of that idealism but the energy of those years has long gone.

I imagine it's a familiar story, in one way or another, for most of us here, don't you think?

2007-05-16 18:44

Actually, it went the other way around for me. It was the first paintings I ever sold that I couldn't part with.


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