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. hilary
About this artwork
Holding on
acrylic on canvas
h.60cm w.80cm d.2cm
Mar 2006

.'s Description: Different people in your life can have different effects on you... Some people can make you tired by just talking to them... Some people can make you want to dance and jump around just because of the energy they have

This painting is about the support and strength that you can get from being involved in a balanced relationship with someone... It doesn`t have to be that one person in the relationship is stronger than the other, both people become stronger from the presence and love of the other.

Both of the people in the relationship can achieve their dreams and goals, because they feel strong and beautiful in the eyes of the other person... When two people find each other and they fit together, it is a good thing for both of their lives, they can follow the dreams in their hearts with the power of two hearts.

It is about holding on to what is right, even though there are difficult days and sometimes sadness, it is about fighting for the love in your heart and you will be rewarded for it with the happiness that two people can ignite in each other.

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