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Hillel Kagan
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The Great European Torah Scholar I
oil on canvas
h.46cm w.36cm d.0cm
Feb 2007

Hillel's Description: Jewish tradition as we know it today was formed in Europe. In point of fact without the influence of Europe the Judaism that is practiced would be unknown. This melding of an ancient eastern religious cult with the west, despite the inherent conflicting ideologies and more importantly and more likely because of those conflicts has given birth to a great and vital tradition of tolerance and compassion. A culture of interpretation and differing ideas yet in the main tolerant to differences and contributory to the bettering of the world. For over a thousand years Rabbis, scholars, thinkers and writers from Maimonides and Spinoza to Buber and Kafka and countless others, have benefited European culture even while under duress from their neighbours. It's in the spirit of that contribution that I've created this series of paintings.

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JP Delaney

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2007-04-10 11:47

The finished Trapani paintings are the product of very solid and thorough work. I think you have utterly mastered your pictorial elements here.

This is not a compliment. It is though, an apology for some doubts I had the impudence to express in the past.

Loved to watch the process.

2007-04-11 16:23

Maria, there's no need for an apology, you should always call them the the way you see them. In any case I'm deeply gratified that you've changed your mind on this one and thank you for your kind words. By the way I visited your website recently and made some comments there. I'm not sure how it works and wonder if you got them. You don't have to respond here but e-mail me personally to let me know.


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