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Hillel Kagan
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Figures In a Box (side view)
oil on wooden box
h.27cm w.27cm d.21cm
Jun 2007

Hillel's Description: Imagining two figures from different angles contained in a cube.

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2008-09-27 09:52

In your "intimate moments" studio log, you mention we may have a similar palette. This surprises me as I've always viewed yours as being far more varied than my own basic red-before-blue breaking of Arnold's Law ...[Arnold's First Law of Colorifics - now there's a catchy phrase.] There is some connection in the fact that I buy the low-quality oils though (nevertheless they're still not so cheap).
It struck me most when I saw your works for real (the rabbi paintings). The delicate curling laying down of surprising colour had me greedily looking on.

Anyway, back to that wall of paintings. Man, you sure make a mess. What is all colour that doing on the wall? Aren't you happy enough with a whole bunch of canvases going at the same time without having to move out onto the wall too? Don't you have a sense of bounds?
It's beautiful though.

2008-09-27 14:07

Hillel, I would really like to see these small studies better, would it be possible to put them in your studio log one by one?? a fast small sketch is usually much more revealing and interesting than what we think. Yours, your drawings too, have a simple, straight-forward, energetic thrust that has the idea and the movement condensed in it, the bare essentials, this is difficult to achieve. Making things complicated is easy what is really difficult is expressing as much with a simple approach. please??

2008-09-28 00:52

Yeah, I noticed the similarity when I posted that studio log image of my failed canvas. Colour's not a major concern of mine, I'm not enough of a sensualist to really consider myself to be a colourist or even a painter for that matter. I'm much more interested in construction, exploration and drawing. My approach to colour is fairly arbitrary and I suspect you're fairly similar in that regard.
In regard to my painting wall, I was just to lazy to take individual pictures of all those little studies (I just wanted you to have a notion of what I was up to and how I work) but seeing as Karen requested it I have no option but to comply and will post the results as soon as possible in my studio log.


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