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Hillel Kagan
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Pink Mat With Struggling Figures
oil on canvas
h.142cm w.0cm d.0cm
Dec 1987

Hillel's Description: From about 1987-'94 I worked on and off on a series of paintings of struggling figures. This is one of of the very early ones.

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Hanjo Schmidt

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2006-05-24 05:00

I want to point out two paintings in particular, Pink Mat and Wrestlers in Foyer. In those paintings there is so much energy and drama. And with keeping the surroundings clear and almost empty you focus on this drama. That you shatter the bodies comes out as absolutely logic and not just as an aesthetical trick to make it look more interesting. The protaginists seem to splinter from tension. These Paintings are trilling. Do I have to mention the colouring and brushwork? It’s brilliant it’s great it’s extraordinary!

2006-10-08 14:21 complete agreement with Hanjo, and incredibly quirky that they should be wearing business suits. It's very humourous yet uncomfortable (a little forboding) at the same time.

2006-10-09 17:36

Maybe I told you before or maybe not that these struggling figure paintings arose from my father having been an amateur wrestler. He was also an inveterate junk collector. Amongst his crap I discovered some photo illustrations of wrestling and ju-jitso holds he had used to learn from. Originally I used them in tradional wrestlers' garb. "Wrestlers in Foyer" is in my portfolio here already. I'm going to upload the first one I ever did now.
The suits came later. More ambiguous and interesting as far as I was concerned I tried to marry them within the background of the house I was now living. They were very complicated paintings but I always thought of them as humourous.
I really would encourage more artists on this site to upload older works. It's nice to see where people have been and how they arrived at the work they're doing now. I know gallery directors only want to see your latest stuff but what we're talking about here is about the process of individual artists and I think that's interesting.

2006-10-09 21:50

Well, this may be a good idea Hillel. So let's have a try. For some days I'm going to load up thre of my older paintings (from 20003 to be more precise) from the series "At Arms Length"

2006-10-09 21:51

"From 20003" hehe. Oh the types!

2006-10-09 23:10

That'd great Hanjo, I look forward to seeing them.

2009-12-04 10:02

hallo Hillel, I feel every time your painting ... thank you


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