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Hillel Kagan
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Young Family I
oil on canvas
h.91cm w.91cm d.0cm
Jun 2010

Hillel's Description: Portrait

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vincenzo cignozzi

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2010-09-15 05:43

I'm reckoning you've posted this as a slap on the wrist for my proposing the last painting you submitted (LINK) could just barely have been termed figurative. Here we're bang into classic portraiture - was it a commission? Almost a metre each side, they're quite serious dimensions. Also the format is square - I've noticed that predilection in your previous work. Personally I find working a square very difficult (not sure why). However it seems to add an immediacy to your own work, as in this case.

2010-09-15 08:14

I have the same problem with squared proportions, and I don’t know why either!, I found the first version of this “young family” more disturbing. But maybe it wasn’t your intention to give “the king of the family” such a mean gaze…
Anyway I'm glad to see there's still some life here!

2010-09-15 16:34

Hi JP and Karen. Yes this was a commissioned portrait so I did feel some pressure to come up with three likenesses therefore the slightly more classical nature of this one. I'm not really all that interested in portraiture unless I can turn out a satisfactory painting. This one is adequate, the other version is for myself probably because I find it more disturbing.
"Languor" (LINK) is where the work has been heading and today I posted "Crazy Dancing" (LINK) the last one I did before being interrupted by the portraits
My predilection for square or squarish formats probably stems from my main enterprise which is to reflect the world the way I see it. The square or circle approximately encompasses our entire range of vision, peripherally and all and I'm therefore quite comfortable with it. The feeling is be more accurate to my own subjective way of seeing.
Thanks for your interest and comments and if by "life" Karen, you mean that I'm still breathing then you're correct but just barely.


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