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Hillel Kagan
Couldn't agree more j-p and the many comments attest to the spirit of freshness that Patrick's work and presence has already contributed. I don't want to stir things up but it has occurred to me that  ..goto
Hi Patrick and welcome to ArtProcess.
This a beautiful painting, very loose and open like most of the work in your portfolio. Keeping things open and moving that's the real trick, a painting can  ..goto
I say "innocent" in the sense of trying to eliminate the mind from the seeing process. The mind has the experience of what a thing is like. It is possible to see just the abstract forms and shapes and ..goto
Gadzooks, he's back!!!
No Mr. Delaney, I make no such proposition but I would say that generally, not always, artists as children were and are prone to being solitary (not lonely) types and quite ..goto
Thanks Maria, you hit the nail right on the head about the whole perspective thing, I just don't seem able to free myself of my classical training. It's very frustrating, try as I may, I always seem t ..goto
A very impressive presentation and extremely well done, not just as a commemorative video of the event but it furthered my admiration for your work by allowing me see it more clearly. I wish I could h ..goto
Congratulations Mirek. The attention is very well deserved.
I'm very sorry to hear of your accident and injuries, I hope the damage is not permanent. Best of luck. ..goto
Thanks Frederico, I'll take that as a compliment and it's very appreciated. ..goto
A good buddy of mine is/was a major enthusiast of the the thoroughbred horse. His enthusiasm, so fo genuine and passionate caused me a mere purveyor in he graphic arts to employ my skills and help  ..goto
Extremely fascinating work. I like the sculptures in your portfolio as well. ..goto
Thanks Abby, I appreciate your comments. ..goto
I like the paintings very much. Post some information about yourself. If you live in Toronto maybe we can get together and have a smoke. ..goto
T makes more sense than most of the stuff I say in English.
Thanks Karen! ..goto
Hanjo I think you're onto something very interesting. I really like this painting and your latest upload "the woodcut print... hey what happened to it, it was here yesterday. I didn't have time to com ..goto
Well Hanjo, I think it's a very interesting work. Certainly your most recent work is much stronger and more masterful and you seem to be on the top of your game however I do like this one too, archec ..goto
Milena, I really do like this stuff and not just because I'm a smoking enthusiast and suicidal person in general (although at my age and given my lifelong bad habits, I don't think about it much anymo ..goto
Hanjo, narrative or not it's a good solid work and I certainly concur with your reasoning for not uploading any new work without the right to delete them. That's the same reason I will not allow The P ..goto
I like the feeling in all three of your photos. Do you stage manage the settings (I'm asssuming you do) or are they actual moments you capture? ..goto
This is a magnificent painting and truly the work of a master. Certainly one of the world's great artworks, I count myself amongst those who believe it to be the greatest. No doubt it resides in the  ..goto
Your work has been undergoing some kind of change of late and it's been interesting to watch your evolution... this one's lovely. ..goto
Really joyful work. You must be a really happy guy or an alcaholic. I like all your images. ..goto been meaning to comment on Hanjo's latest series of paintings and I came across this beautiful conversation. So firstly about the paintings, they're all as handsome as ever. I probably wouldn't h ..goto
It is a problem Fotini and the reason I haven't made comment on many of your works although they look very interesting. The images are of low resolution and that's frustrating for the viewer. I think ..goto
Hanjo knows (no pun intended) how to draw me into a discussion (even if I am depressed as hell) and I see he's in a mood for talk. I'm not sure what Maria had to say on the topic (direct me to it) and ..goto
Ok, I see your point... you feel like you can spread out a bit in a larger format. I understand that, it's just that I feel portraits, especially yours are very intimate so I visualize them as being s ..goto
It does look like a fine work. Very interesting forms in the shoal (rock formation) and I agree with JP that the overall feeling is one of ease and sureness. But I think Karen's main project has been  ..goto
Yo JP! Are you having fun there big fella? You've done a real sharp job of updating AP. It has a very clean and smart look and there are many nice changes, all graphically very tasty. And I also see t ..goto
I really like all these door pieces. Very lovely work. ..goto
This is a lovely little painting that I've been looking at for a couple of years now. I've often wondered what is the attraction, is it the sitter herself, for some time I thought it was. Having met y ..goto
I like your work very much. I think this one is amongst the best in your portfolio. I love the light and the ambiguity of the nude male figure seated in the wicker chair. A powerful composition and ve ..goto
Truly a beautiful portrait, even if it is of Hanjo. When are you going to undertake a portrait of me? My only request is it be a full figure, actual size portrait in the nude. Besides for your usual m ..goto
j-p???... alive..... he's a-l-i-i-i-v-e, A-A-A-L-I -V- E ! ! !
I'd heard that you perished under a huge load of dirty dishes, apparently just a nasty rumour... this is wonderful news.

Ac ..goto
Bravo ... Me siento honrado por su dedicación (I hope Google Translate has improved their service). Karen your new paintings are very good, they are definitely you, your painting style and measure bu ..goto
Karen I like the new paintings very much. This new portrait is very good. the head and background interacting very nicely... the best "Raul" to date. Mind you his expression, I wouldn't exactly call  ..goto
Yeah, I noticed the similarity when I posted that studio log image of my failed canvas. Colour's not a major concern of mine, I'm not enough of a sensualist to really consider myself to be a colouris ..goto
Thanks very much for the compliment and comments Pat. These paintings of the struggling figures were a real "struggle" for me as I had to go against all my instincts, habits and sensibilities to find  ..goto
Dear Maria, if you keep making one breakthrough after another the whole building's going to collapse. Since that Madrid trip you've been on fire, was it the Rego show or just your El Greco experience  ..goto
Sorry I worded that poorly , I was trying to combine a couple of notions. One of them being that your work of late is changing and the other that deconstruction is necessary for reconstruction. For me ..goto
Its a classic conflict. Cezanne, as we know from his early work yearned to do passionate and expressive work with grand themes however its only when he reconciled himself to simpler aims did he achiev ..goto
Thanks for a very good conversation. Having reread your contribution to the Forum I think It's a beautiful piece of writing, I didn't want to respond there because I'd like to see it remain on the hom ..goto
I never could read Joyce. I tried but was defeated. Your work has inspired me to go back and give it another go. You are obviously a very literary man and your work is very fragile and delicate. I th ..goto
I love this piece, a really beautiful and sensuous figurative study. ..goto
Maria, something's happening. I don't know what it is but I like it. ..goto
Maria, the reason I asked about whether or not you had worked from a photo was not from some kind of snobbery about painting from life being superior to painting from photos. As one who paints from a ..goto
Nice still life.

And I like the painting you're working on in your studio log, you just have to have the courage and confidence to keep going and go where no man (or Maria) has gone before.  ..goto
Maestro, although I met you but for a brief moment, I mourn the passing of a fellow artist, especially one so filled with joy and life as yourself. ..goto
Toni Malaqi, my congratulations to you for creating interesting, lively art. I've looked at everything in your portfolio and it's all of interest. I don't know exactly what your up to. I could make re ..goto
Arnold, seeing as this site operates basically for us lately, this pretty much is where I would like to go with my art. I love it, it reminds me of when I could do no wrong, it was an adventure and fu ..goto
Thanks for the comments J.P. When I get a chance I'll post some of my earlier, more abstract stuff. The funny thing is beneath the surface of them there's all this very resolved imagery that drove me  ..goto
A good buddy of mine is/was a major enthusiast of the the thoroughbred horse. His enthusiasm, so fully genuinely passionate caused me a mere purveyor in the graphic arts to employ my skills and hel ..goto
Gentlemen, sorry for the delay in my response, I've been somewhat under the weather. Delaney, I appreciate your attempts to rattle my cage and bring out the best in my work. A more direct and urgently ..goto
No feeling of obligation Kristina, I just figured I would respond to your email here (I'm ok by the way). Your last paintings have seen a marked improvement and I felt compelled to respond. That you s ..goto
There is a lot happening - density, push pull. Very little cliche and some nice surprising areas here and there. I like it, bravissimo! ..goto
Thanks Mirek, it's good to hear your voice here on AP. Don't be self conscious about your English... it's fine. Certainly no worse than JP's, Hanjo's or my own... Maria, of course is different, speaki ..goto
This is a lovely painting. I can picture it in its true size and it just seems right. From the depths of grief or not, your mindset aside, it feels light and breezy and as though it was executed easil ..goto
A very lovely drawing Anne... a work of art. The deeper meaning is within us all and will always reveal itself. Pursue your formal concerns, that's what drives us on. The feeling, the passion, call it ..goto
There's something about both your "Smithy" paintings that I really enjoy, I meant to comment when I saw the "Big Blue Machine" and I really like this one. You're a terrific colourist as far as I'm con ..goto
I like it. Sure its a little Freudian (Lucien that is) but in all honesty and of course this is only my opinion I prefer it to your more recent efforts which for me (although interesting) are a bit to ..goto
Not a clue. My earlier comment was in jest. You may have noticed that I have slightly warped sense of humour. Actually at the time, I was just experimenting to see how this comment box works. ..goto
Beautifully said and I certainly agree with all of it just allow me to add a few thoughts on the topic because drawing for me is everything. In my work I really can't differentiate between painting an ..goto
You make some valid points and good suggestions that I will follow up on and I thank you for that. The circular forms don't come from Bacon. Actually I took Cezanne's advice of the cube, cylinder, con ..goto
Thank you Toto for your comments unfortunately I understand no Italian whatsoever so I'm relying on JP's translation for veracity. And it's in his nature as peacemaker and ambassador of good will to  ..goto
Sorry, I forgot to mention that I like these beer box paintings very much, my opinion offered above was only in response to what I perceived as a discontent by the artist with what he sees as habit,  ..goto
The de Kooning comment was just a bit of tit for tat, I've got a long memory and comments to me like "Why don't you just drop your figurative baggage?", etc, remain. You know by now that I view myself ..goto
Wow, simply throw the door open, I just never thought of it, you're definitely a man of vision. And yes the children of geniuses are unfortunately, inevitably damaged.
My main concern right now is ..goto
Terrific work. Your whole portfolio here is great. ..goto
This one just caught my eye. Very interesting and dynamic figuration. ..goto
I iz in! Only I don't know how to bake, kin I jes' buy a store bought loaf?
Wadja say man (JP, sir) iz it ok, kin I still be part o' dis here thing? PLEEZE NOTIFY ASAP! ..goto
I know you've been concentrating more and more on your three dimensional works of late and even your earlier paintings are kind of like studies for sculpture. When I look at either your paintings or s ..goto
This one here really looks impressive. I wish I could see it larger. This damn computor of mine won't let me click it up. Beautiful colour, form and depth its got that very early and very late Guston  ..goto
I really like these things, I'd just like to know a bit more about your process. Could you tell me approximately how many times you have to run to the toilet during their execution? Here's a great tim ..goto
Ok Tony, heard and noted, please go to the following link to pursue this discourse

[LINK] a renewed look at Art Process.&for ..goto
Hey Delaney, you've got this strangely, lovely, constructive thing going on in your paintings. You're a painter and sculptor. That's a rare thing and you're damn good. I'd like to see the real work. S ..goto
I attempt to activate the whole canvas and give equal weight to what you might refer to as the positve and
negative areas. The semi circles, etc are not a decorative contrivance. I actually see t ..goto
"Managed to persuade me to come to Sicily." Hey I'm a big boy, nobody can force me to do anything I don't want to anymore. The thing is Patrick, if you stick around this site a little bit you may find ..goto
A very strong and beautiful painting, I don't understand Karen's words above but I agree totally.  ..goto
Well you've caught me red handed. I've been working my way through the Encyclopedia of Art absorbing and stealing everything I see with the ambition of combining all those thousands and thousands of d ..goto
My lesson from Cezanne is different than the way you perceive it but then everyone has there own take. The so called cubists are all very different maybe Leger comes the closest to using that Cezanne  ..goto
That's very funny, thanks for your comments. The exploded view of the box just happens to turn into a cruciform. I can assure you there was no personal or religious intent.
More importantly it's  ..goto
I'll take that as a yes. There was no value judgement in my question, where art is involved there's always imagination at work. Take the work of one of our Art Process colleagues Jeroen Witvliet, if y ..goto
I do like the spatial aspect of Hopper's work and think I have, from time to time attained a bit of that feeling in my work. In answer to your original question, if it is there it was absolutely unco ..goto
I'm not sure I know what you have in mind but I'm open to new new experiences.
You know there are sites like Saatchi that have been honing the whole selling of art thing for a number of years no ..goto
Maria, I'm not exactly sure what you mean but if It's that I start with abstract form, that's true but I also finish with abstract form. That's the nature of painting even representational or figurati ..goto
Thanks for all your comments Anne. Which artists from the '30s are you referring to? I'm curious even one example would suffice. ..goto
Karen, you got it in one. Without going into who the people are, they're gone from this world now, you're observations are pretty much right on the mark. You've conveyed it much better verbally than I ..goto
Maria I try to forget about the " thingness" of what I am painting and just try to get down the abstract forms of what I am seeing. In the beginning it's just the largest most interesting shapes and  ..goto
Hey man I'm a Jew! Do you really think that after a lifetime of being baited by some of the best and most cunning, I would fall for a lure as cheap as the one you've offered here? Did You really think ..goto
I love these latest paintings, Maria. They're filled with surprise, new form and freedom. Very strong work, they just seem right to me, in conception, painting and scale. You've made a major leap,  ..goto
A very astute observation Mr. Delaney there is indeed a relationship between the two activities and It's something I've given considerable thought to. As in painting I would have loved to be totally  ..goto
It's a great personal insult that either of you, after all these years, might have thought, no matter how briefly, that I could possibly have been the author of a mean spirited, banal and ill humoured ..goto
Hey this is an artist to artist site so who let you in? I agree somewhat with your comment although it's not bombastic enough for my liking. You should know that actors don't cut it here.
Isn't th ..goto
Thanks Arnold, it was my great pleasure to show them to you and now your comments have so swollen my head that I have to take a few aspirins and lie down. ..goto
That'd great Hanjo, I look forward to seeing them. ..goto
I Like this painting. Its got a strong Spanish feeling with the suggestion of the bullring and all the lovely red (blood). Picasso was a bull. He was always being phogrographed half naked with his gia ..goto
Maria, there's no need for an apology, you should always call them the the way you see them. In any case I'm deeply gratified that you've changed your mind on this one and thank you for your kind word ..goto
Maybe I told you before or maybe not that these struggling figure paintings arose from my father having been an amateur wrestler. He was also an inveterate junk collector. Amongst his crap I discovere ..goto
Thanks Teresa. Man this site is really happenning. I can't keep up with all the new artists. I just checked out your portfolio and was truly knocked out.  ..goto
I think you're right to take the attitude you do and you put it well. If we only look to ourselves in the work of others we would never learn anything new. Obviously we all attach ourselves to differe ..goto
You're obviously a person of great intelligence and taste and I bid you welcome to the Art Process site. Seriously though, I do appreciate your kind comments. ..goto
Thanks for your interest in my work and dilemma Arnold, I'm in fairly total agreement with what you've said, except for your grinding of the teeth and hatred for the lamp (very subjective, I love the  ..goto
J-P, your enthusiasm for this piece surprised me. As I told you I was convalescing and found it difficult to paint standing and I was looking for something I could do while seated.
I had this box  ..goto
I love this big head. Slightly awkward, there's a fragility that's very appealing and a certain haunting quality almost like a death mask.  ..goto
I've always loved your work Kearney, I just haven't had much to say about it. To me, your works are so American I can practically taste 'em and they're very tasty. The work is always executed extreme ..goto
Oh, one other thing Arnold, I paint neither inside nor outside the lines in any of my paintings. These kind of still lifes were done for a break from my usual routine of trying to combine images and  ..goto
Thanks for your comments Hilary. What you describe is basically how I feel most of the time. Maybe it's the booze. But in any case I'm glad you like it. ..goto
I doubt it, I need the imagery to sustain my interest. By the way, there are five small sketches, click on the three of them to see them all.
This is a horrible jpeg of this painting, I didn't kno ..goto
I've stopped and looked at this one many times. I don't know what it is about it that I find so intriguing. Some kind of great brooding and monumental menace. Maybe you can explain it. I find much of  ..goto
I just want to say that you're fantastic. I stop and look at everything you do and you do nothing twice, Truly creative wok graphically and artiscally. You don't seem hung up on any particular tradit ..goto
Hanjo all your points are well taken, sorry for my slight confusion and I definitely don't want to turn this into a book so I think we should end this one here. Thanks for a fruitful discussion. ..goto
Interesting? ..goto
I like your work Antonio. From what I can see of it here and I can't really see much of the surface quality. It doesn't look like your run of the mill photo realist stuff although obviously you work f ..goto
I don't know who this john-paul is but any more disparaging remarks about my dear old pa of blessed memory (had to resort to tickling opponents to win) and I'm coming over to sunny Italy to knock his ..goto
Patricia, this is what you woke me up for? I was having such a nice dream - everything: people, cars, furniture, trees, plants, grass - all covered and upholstered with lovely black velvet material, s ..goto
Nice painting - did I do it?
Kristina, I am your fan as well. (Hint for those of you who haven't done it yet) As you can see, all it takes is a few admiring words and I will become your everlast ..goto
Actually JP, if there's any tension in my work at all and I hope there is, it comes from that very conflict of resolving the figaritive with the abstract. I think all art, at least good art is an abst ..goto
Agredece mucho, el es muy bueno de usted decir tan. Tambien mucho gracias a Google por sus herramientas de traduccion. ..goto
You have an inventory of forms you use. You can pull them out of your hat and produce mural sized walls of the stuff. The fact that they'll be whitewashed the next day doesn't bother you because you h ..goto
Well I've looked at her website and there are some interesting things however I'm not a great lover of Caravaggio or single source lighting arranged for effect in a darkened studio. Movie makers have  ..goto
It's nice to see that at least someone here is making some bread from their work.

Teresa, I just visited your studio log. I love your process. I know you want this work to be seen in conjunction with the other that's not yet complete and I don't want to jinx you but I love this  ..goto
There's a time lapse between what you see and what you perceive, just as there's a time lapse between the right and left eyes as they adjust. These slight physiological disturbances are a fact. That's ..goto
It's a bind because on the one hand you simply can't expect to make a living as a full time (creative) artist and on the other, it's practically impossible to develop your art fully on a part time bas ..goto
I idealized it. I'm a parquet freak. ..goto
Thanks for your comment JP and it's an interesting one. I'm sure I've said this before but I really don't care what the impetus is for what an artist does. For me the motif is merely a pretext for hol ..goto
Thanks Arnold and just in the nick of time... cough. ..goto
Is that as in "well done!!!" or just "well!!!" the way Jack Benny used to say it? ..goto
Wow! My work really seems to open some raw nerve in you. I let those earlier remarks about "figurative baggage", tricks, talent etc. go before because I preferred to think you weren't trying to goad m ..goto
No apologies necessary, j.p. It's all part of the dialogue, but I think my point was made. We all have a different take on this thing we call art and that makes life interesting.For instance, Hanjo's  ..goto
First Patricia, then Kristina, naturally being of a suspicious nature I felt the hidden Machiavellian hand of our fearless leader (he hates when I call him that). Perhaps I was wrong but no matter. Wh ..goto
Thanks David for your comment and associating my work with the artists you mentioned starting with Gicometti, quite right. However when I saw your post a few days ago and also the image of my paintin ..goto
Karen, I want to thank you for your comments, it's not the first time you've astounded me with your profound depth of thought and feeling both in your paintings and words. When I first started this se ..goto
I really didn't mean this to be some kind of lesson and it was not a criticism of Kristina's work, I believe she thinks it was but that's not the case. She said something about this (my) painting bein ..goto
Well spoken JP however it's very nearly impossible for an individual artist to give an opinion on everything thing he/she sees. We always have an opinion but as so often happens, and you see this qui ..goto
I agree fully with what you've said above Merlin in response to my comment and I especially agree with your last comment and I commend you for sticking your neck out and asking, audaciously for a revi ..goto
Welcome aboard and thanks for the kind words. ..goto
All I was after was a template of the flattened beerbox because it looks different to what we have here... looks like some kind of weird 6 pack to me. I think you have 2 of them stuck together plus th ..goto
Me like it. Stuff is really three dimensional. You can look at it from all angles and I think its probably interesting. The metal wire and jute stretched over it probably slows you down. That's why I' ..goto
I really like your paintings. They have a kind of gravitas. Where do get your ideas from? There seems to be some kind of theme yet I can't put my finger on it. Do you work from life or are these imaga ..goto
Don't be supposin' so fast there young feller, I saw what you wrote but have been laid low with the flu and not up to responding. If I can bring myself to start painting again I'll start a new slog an ..goto
Maria, hold on to that thought, I just have to pack a bag and I'm on my way to the airport. Seriously though, thanks for the nice comments and if you're being truthful about the "hot" thing then I'm v ..goto
I've been meaning to ask you this for quite a while what's with this on the wall off the wall thing, as though coming off the wall were some kind of victory or advancement in your personal evolution?< ..goto
Albert this is a truly amusing picture. There's not enough humour in art, it's all so serious, so I thank you for this. You couldn't have done better than to parody Wyeth's famous work, the difference ..goto
This is a really great one and I say that as a long time Crudo admirer.
So what's the deal Albert, did you get yourself a hotshot NY dealer as John-Paul seems to say... if so congrats! Tell me abo ..goto
Oh yes I should mention that when I checked out your portfolio I found your work to be very interesting.
Mirek, thanks for that quote because it says it all so perfectly. Hopefully none of us should ever lose that childhood mystery and magic but somehow life conspires against us. It takes a tremendous an ..goto
Interesting work and from a fellow Torontonian. Wow! I'm impressed. ..goto
Hi Hanjo, thanks for your comments and it's nice to be back and read your words again. Uh oh, it looks like the troupes may be reassembling.

Mr. Delaney, I'm not sure I know what you mean whe ..goto
I'm always interested in how figurative artists use the camera as a tool. I think you make extremely creative use of it. From what I can see here your work is not only skillfully executed but very gra ..goto
I always stop and look at any of your images I happen upon. They're simply beautiful... all of them very consistent, delicious and interesting. Maybe I commented before, I can't remember, in any case  ..goto
As requested [LINK][/LINK]
And a bit of Canadian landscape as seen from my studio window, as close as I want to get. [LINK] ..goto
This is in answer to your call for help from the guys (I just checked and I believe I'm still one) in your Studio Log entry. As we all know there's no facility yet to respond directly so I'm doing it  ..goto
I like all your work a lot. I've seen it on site before and have been meaning to comment. You're a very young fellow and the work is fresh and interesting. So take a word of advice from an old geezer. ..goto
I was just reading this over and I must have "architecture" on my mind. Apologies, the phrase my friend John M. says is "The real Estate of The Mind".Which makes at least some sort of sense.  ..goto
David, any friend of Delaney is a friend of mine and Paul for that matter so It's nice meeting you as well. I knew most of those things about JP because I interviewed him for the first ever AP Artist  ..goto
There was never anything wrong with the AP concept other than there being very few artists willing to engage and say anything. Denis's "yawn" is hardly a comment, I suspect it was meant to communicate ..goto
Somewhere on these comment pages, I don't recall whose work it was Mr. Delaney talks about seeking that one great memorable image as a worthy cause unto itself (I'm paraphrasing). A friend of mine, th ..goto
The interview was completed in 2009. The proof is in your mail boxes and I still have this painting. ..goto
This a very strong work, a beautiful painting.  ..goto
This one has a particularly special meaning for me. I love to iron.  ..goto
Thanks, everything you've said is absolutely true, I have nothing to add. ..goto
So Karen, do me a favour and tell me what I said. I need a good laugh today. ..goto
Fotini, I really want to thank you for that, it's truly a memorable little video that says much about you and your personal art and life journey. The bonus for me was actually hearing you speak, your  ..goto
Very liberating and it's my intention to do more of them. I think it's good to express what you're feeling during certain periods whatever they may be although sometimes it's hard to find the visual e ..goto
This is truly a stupendous work. ..goto
Really impressive. ..goto
I love it. All the views. Great work. ..goto
Hi JP and Karen. Yes this was a commissioned portrait so I did feel some pressure to come up with three likenesses therefore the slightly more classical nature of this one. I'm not really all that int ..goto
Nice, these ink wash drawings... howabout uploading some of your "action" oils. I don't care if they're old but I'm intrigued since listening to the doc, I sneakily stuck here on the site behind your  ..goto
Ok John-Paul, then why not reconstruct this site a bit to make it more compatible with your notions, personally I'm all for it. Do away with the Artist Portfolios or at least limit them to 10 or 12 pi ..goto
Keeping the whole lot open, paintings that are never finished and the impossibility of doing so. Classical forms and an imbibing of art history yet a striving toward new form. How can one produce in a ..goto
I love this latest series of small paintings The theme is very poignant for me, I suppose I recall only too well being bundled up in the winter and shoved outdoors into the bleak, grey Canadian cold.  ..goto

Maria Xagorari
I can perfectly comprehend the need of an artist to hear comments on his work. On the other vhand, I cannot but share Hillel's view.
So, Merlin, honestly, I must tell you this: i personally, bei ..goto
Oh yes, Marlene Dumas is defenetly an artist I like. I just run into this great site [LINK][/LINK] ..goto
Dear Ilona, I think your work is most original. Unlike other "out of the ordinary" art products, yours is based on a very concrete idea executed with mastery. I realy hope to have the chance to meet y ..goto
Questa e' un' opera che vorrei tanto avere. E', come dire, consolante! ..goto
I agree about the insufficient data but I think it goes for painting as well. By the way, have you seen Teresa A Mills' work here in ArtProcess? If not look her up. I think you might like her work. I  ..goto
Thank you. You have no idea how much this means to me... Well, I think my work has, among other things, been influenced a lot by the interaction with you people on this site. So I am really terrified  ..goto
Dear Francien, I run into your page in the Saatchi Gallery site and then I visited you site. I was impressed by your work. Why don't you show us some more of it here? I hope to meet you at Trapani. ..goto
Dear Patrick,
thanks for your comment. And thanks for having me look at this work again. I am looking for some sort of golden section between this kind of anatomically correct depiction, and the e ..goto
Ok, I will tell you what I don't like about this painting. When I look at it I can't help but think of old, film advertising posters. And their function was purly narrative.

Pure narration - ..goto
Hanjo, in deed, there is no need to apologise. Your way of eliminating narrative interferences of the background in order to enhance the power of bold colour and excellent drawing, your precedent comm ..goto
Yes, wrongness is indeed the hook. I am very fond of this little painting myself and I enjoy resting my eyes upon it as it stands quietly against my ling room wall.

Sculptural modeling. This ..goto
My current studio is 3m by 3,5m. I know exactly what you mean...
I don't quite agree with the term "cartoony" about Adami. I think his lines are thoroughly studied and their precision serves spec ..goto
Thanks Fotini, I am quite happy with this one too. It was one morning's work that helped me face the rest of the week.

You know I used to work with a restrained palete of the basic colours, o ..goto
Ok, now I am worried. I can perfectly see what Eva means and this makes me wonder. Why do we all think of death first? We know very well that there is no such thing as an innocent eye for a painter. T ..goto
Honored. Well I think the gaze in Woyzeck I is the most powerful you have shown us here. Even more powerful than the emotion series. And OK, message recieved. I wish I were able to send such clear me ..goto
Welcome aboard Tom. Yours is an observation we have made in the past and there has been some discussion about the type of comments exchanged here (read the forum Artists' Cafe under "What do you do an ..goto
There was one more painting uploaded between this and the triptych (or was it after this?). What happened to it? ..goto
No... I would be disapointed. Actually, for some reason I don't remember well I liked it more than this one.
Your scuptures are so good! I can hardly decide on which to comment on. ..goto
Oh, yes. I love the hands. This image is like one of a sculptor who has just finished modeling his clay, which we cannot see because it stands somewhere on the right, outside the painting. Are you bec ..goto
Dear Anne, I just came back from Madrid where I went to see great painting. This one looks good on the screen but its surface is disapointing. After my pilgrimage to the Prado, I expect all my surface ..goto
Welcome to ArtProcess Khairy. Interesting work you have here. ..goto
Thanks, Fotini. The quality of the colours is what actually changed when I retuched it. And the surface. I have started working more on the charm of thicker material. ..goto
Well, I am a chiaroscuro type. I must admit that light and shade and form are all I care about. Colour comes second, even though I like playing with the diferent effect each colour gives as it is conf ..goto
Well, I liked it too. I was a student then. This was from a live model at a time when most students were directed to adopt a painterly maner and study how the inside and the outside are made of the sa ..goto
Hmm... a death mask. That is a good one. I hadn't thought of it this way before, but it seems to describe well what I often try to do. I take an expression and fix it there still, so that you can look ..goto
Thank you JP. Last time I checked it was hanging in a home in Athens. I hope they still enjoy it. They had also bought a painting I considered rather difficult. "The Furries or The Step". I hope they  ..goto
I look at this and then my latest paintings and I get confused. Am I going the wrong way? ..goto
My dear Hillel, Thank you so much for the encouraging! I am trying my best (or almost my best). The trip to Spain has been decisive for my work. And I tell you, I am deeply, profoundly in love with Go ..goto
I am not sure I understand the first sentence. Do you mean I am moving in different directions simultaneously and risk getting lost?
You might get your essay my dear but maybe not just so soon. T ..goto
Thanks guys. Actually, I didn't mean it as a study. It was just a gesture of unselfish love towards my little old boy who scares me to death everytime he is not well. Pink is a fragile colour. ..goto
My dear friends, thanks for your comments. Renilde, welcome aboard.
Karen, you are really being very helpful. Being specific on what looks good to you on a work and what doesn’t is what we need he ..goto
Montse! How nice to hear from you! Thanks for your comments. As you might have seen on the studio log, I already started working with the model and slowly slowly I will collect visual information to g ..goto
Thanks JP. I keep my fingers crossed too. It is so damn hard with everything one has to do. I just wish everything would leave me alone so that I could just paint and go and see good painting and pain ..goto
Ah, drawing! This is by far my favourite subject. I always appreciate a chance to talk about it. Well, people who would ask you what it is that you paint at cocktail parties as well as comic strip art ..goto
I am not convinced I can paint yet, but I know I can draw...
Thank you for the encouraging my friends. Hanjo, your criticism in private may be offering its first fruit. I am working on it.  ..goto
Don't worrry J.P. No one is going to cheet and say all the interesting stuff behind everybody else's back (ha, ha). Private communication between artists is also natural, especially when big attacheme ..goto
I like your work. It is fresh and funny and serious and grave at the same time.  ..goto
To some extent, I already do paint from my imagination given the fact that I use the model (live or not) as a guide to anatomy and then set it in my own space. For the time being I still need my figur ..goto
Well, you may be right and I may be inventing things the way they suit me best. Sometimes we see what we want to see but it doesn’t matter really.

Thanks for the analysis. That’s the way I s ..goto
So, where is this high resolution image? May I have it please?
You see that is what I was trying to say once on a comment I made your Head #6. As I understand it, what happened in the early 1900 was the fragmenting and rethinking of the object first and the way w ..goto
Dear Hillel, I am sure it was a compliment, as I never doubted that you do not consider painting from photos inferior. Neither do I. For the history, I started using photos when I did my “Furies or Th ..goto
Thank you Hanjo. You have helped me choose side in a conflict in my mind. ..goto
I am going through a little crisis here and your response is most valuable to me. Dear Hillel, it is not from a live model. It is from a photo I shot of a friend who poses for me. I can see what you  ..goto
Well, you made it; these images make me happy.
They are like wonderful, magic, singing carpets. I would love to have a tapestry like that. Have you ever thought of having them woven five times their size? ..goto
I will soon answer my friends, with details on what I said about this painting. I just have to take a short trip and when I am back I will tell you all about what I have in mind. love to all. ..goto
Hey guys! Well, yes! After fast thinking we both decided that there is no place like HOME. So, after a few years' journey out in the open sea, it is high time we gathered back around the fire to tell ..goto
Karen and Hanjo, I would be interested to know what each of you thinks of Paula Rego's work. Especially her Dancing Ostriches series

[LINK] ..goto
Hello dear. We have long talked about criticism and being honest and so on. Most of the examples of honest negative opinions we have expressed have been addressed to people we haven’t met in person an ..goto
Are there drippings and splashes there too or do you work like in a drawing? I wish we could see the surface of this. Beautyful. ..goto
YES! Time for change has come. I expect to see new, interesting elements in most of our works. ..goto
Hello, Fotini, welcome aboard! I wright in English so that others can pop in the conversation too. I am so glad to find a new Greek person in ArtProcess, I didn't introduce to myself.

Drawin ..goto
Fotini, it just occured to me, will you be participating in the EETE show on the human figure in December in Athens? If so we could meet! ..goto
This looks very interesting. If only you could find a way to improve the quality of the uploaded images... Or AP could find a way to host larger files...  ..goto
My comment on this is going to be very short for no other reason than that of being extremely tired and haven’t had anything to eat for twelve hours or so. Still, I cannot but interfere in this (well, ..goto
Fotini, what would our work be if it didn't reflect ourselves? Where would everything come from if not from personal experience? Even when we illude ourselves that all we think about is form and paint ..goto
To add to Fotini's comment. The boy was shot by the police.  ..goto
Ciao, hai dei pezzi forti qui. E’ buono il fatto che provi diversi stili. Tanti si accontentano con un tipo di pittura con il quale si sentono sicuri e non fanno mai nient’ altro. Oltre I lavori come  ..goto
Anne, I would like to ask you what you think of Anselm Kiefer on one hand, and Edvard Munch on the other (this came to me mostly by your Shore of Memory).
I feel a little out of place making a comment here, as apparently you share an emotional experience I don't, but I would like to say this:

There is nothing wrong with the kite. Absolutely no ..goto
Well, not everything needs to be motivated by a deeper meaning. I tend to look for deeper meaning most of the time while painting and it is a counteraction. Sometimes you start without an intention fo ..goto
Well, it had nothing to do with pain or anything. Just the way your paintings are painted. This one and the next made me think of Kiefer because of (as far as I can make out of the image on the screen ..goto
Hello, Eugen. You are really something! You should talk to us more. Love your reds and the San Greal idea. ..goto
Steven, it is very hard to put in words how much and in what way I find your work so touching. I suppose this is precisely the point when it comes to art. I just had to let you know, so I am humbly wr ..goto
Welcome abord. I wish we had a better picture of this creature of yours. It is my favourite out of your work.

Καλώς ήρθες στην παρέα. ..goto
Ok, This greeklish means:

"Good evening my friend and thanks for your kind letter. The stimuli for my work come from nature, especially the air, the sea and various fruits as well as the for ..goto
Hello, Marianne and welcome. Your work looks very interesting both as conception and execution. These works remind me of a show of Francesco Clemente that I once saw and had me stay in the gallery unt ..goto
I just visited your website. Your work is great. Show us some more here, will you?
Nice to have you on board. ..goto
welcomw aboard. very good work. ..goto
I think you are about to do very interesting things. It seems that there are images inside you that can touch one under one's skin.
HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! That's a good one... ..goto
I like this one. Now god knows why it makes me feel like taking a bite... ..goto
Oh, no, my dear Hanjo, you got me wrong. I meant it as something good and rather difficult to accomplish. Not something that turns you into a poor artist.

J.P. if you say that the reason you  ..goto
Interesting choise Tom. Plus a kick in Fontana's balls. J.P I am wandering what that person of yours meant exactly about Chagall. I will go looking to find out. Manet's case could be obvious in Maya ..goto
Sara' pure under constraction, ma e' bello vedere che sei tornato a lavorare. In bocca al lupo. ..goto
Ciao Federico, I love these latest paintings. I think they are moving towards somewhere beyond mere minimalistic landscapes. I can see JP's point on Richter, but I would like to know what you think of ..goto
Ciao Federico, vai avanti alla grande!
C'e' il mare li sotto? Bellissimo. Vorrei tanto vedere questi nuovi lavori da vicino. ..goto
Generale, dietro la collina non c'e' piu nessuno... o forse si?

Impressionante. ..goto
Non sono sicura di aver capito. Io guardando questa immagine, immagino un' infinita' di luoghi dietro la collina. Cosa intendi con il "senso del limite"? ..goto
Ciao Michela, mi ha colpito il cuore sul tuo studio log e visitando il tuo profilo sono rimasta piacevolmente sorpresa. I miei complimenti per il tuo lavoro originale. Ci vediamo a Trapani. ..goto
JP, I think you are not right in saying this. But let's take this conversation outside, let's say in the forum room.
Hey there, welcome. excellent sence of space, motion and light, all in one. ..goto
This is a very late answer to your call for help on the studio log on September 23rd, triggered by what Hanjo has been saying here about the painting on the sculpture etc.

I took a closer loo ..goto
I am not sure I would have seen a car here without your explanation, but you sure brought tears in my eyes with the concept behind it. ..goto
Hello Toni,
I like your work very much. It is full of my kind of symbolism. This one makes me think of a crussifixion.God knows why. ..goto
It is a privilage to be part of Karen's large portaits! Thank you dear.
As far as the freckles are conserned, I should really be very careful with Greek sun... ..goto
Yes, it does! And yes, I will. Only for a few days though... How I would like to have two weeks as well... ..goto
Hi, Karen. I see you just answered Hillel so you must be on line. Sorry to be using this space but I don't have your personal e-mail. Are you coming to Trapani? And when will you be there? ..goto
My dear you were born to do acquarel. Love it. ..goto
All right, I would like to share this with you guys:
Karen and I seem to have a strange telepathy which is the reason why we call each other "brujas" = witches. Various incidents have contributed  ..goto
I think there are two senses of intimacy in question. One is the one that the painter feels when doing this large painting and, as Hanjo says walks on this facescape for hours. You really get to now t ..goto
This is my favourite amongst your works. It has its own light; it does not depend on an external light source that bounds it up with a setting. ..goto
The heads are great. Solid like big pebbles on a beach. I think one could have even dared a composition without the arms.  ..goto
Dear Karen, your "Seated man in red background" may be a little more masterful, but this is much more full of meaning, at least in my opinion.  ..goto
The interaction between the “inside” and the “outside” is one of painting’s great issues. The way we “open” or “close” a figure makes all the difference. It changes our way of conceiving space. Either ..goto
You cannot possibly mean that you know for a fact that this was thrown away! It is BEAUTYFUL! ..goto
Oh, dear me! Karen, I am so happy for you. This is really working.

My friends, they have to put up with it. Companions I mean. Not every body has the honor to be under an artist's bitterswe ..goto
Dear Karen,
The larger image you sent me is indeed quite different. The red of the body is warmer and more vivid and the white of the sofa, paper and book on the table as well. So, red and white p ..goto
Welcome aboard Johannes.
I visited your web site and found a lot of interesting work. I would be interested to know how you work with paraffin. ..goto
What I admire about this work is that narrative and pure form are so well balanced. It is not simple to make these two elements work for one another and not one against the other. ..goto
Δεν το είχα προσέξει α�
τό! Μο�
αρέσει πολύ.
Ι hadn't noticed this one. I like it a lot. ..goto
Actually, it went the other way around for me. It was the first paintings I ever sold that I couldn't part with. ..goto
I heard about a free round and thought I’d join.
The reason I am always very careful with NOT using the word “language” in the same sentence with either music or visual arts is this: Language is a ..goto
So, Mirek? how did the show go? Tell us. ..goto
Congratulations Mirek, and I am very sorry to hear about your condition too. I too hope injuries are not permanent and wish you the best.  ..goto
Dear Hilary,
I just visited your site and stayed immersed there for quite a while watching your paintings and reading what you had to say.I wanted to tell you that what, in my opinion, makes one a ..goto
I was about to say something here but Hillel cover me completely. Well done Mirek and one day we will talk about this conceptual nature of your work wich interests me too very much.
Good luck with your exhibition Mirek. Let us know how it went. ..goto
In the past, some of us had thorough discussions on both the use of photographs in painting and narration. I think Mirek here is teaching a lesson of how an artist can get inspiration from one visual  ..goto
Bore da Teresa. I came accross the the pot child and I took a stroll around your work again. I have never told you how much I admire your work. It has the magic property of containing our childhood fa ..goto
It seems like you are getting ready to allow some narration into your work. Am I right?
After having seen Paula Rego narration is not a demon for me any more. All the contrary. ..goto
Hi there, this is great work here. I would have liked to see what the real surface of the paintings feels like. I am a David Hockney enthusiast. Are you too or is it just my impression? ..goto
The exhibition is finished, I packed Karen's paintings today to send them back to their mama, and as this is my last week with no lessons on Wednesday, I finaly made time to see what has been going o ..goto
I just spoted this one. You are finally working again! Well done my friend, well done. ..goto
I distinctly recall telling you that traditional perspective is out of date. Haven’t I taught you anything? And take a brake with that egocentric attitude of yours. Try some mythological subject, or s ..goto
Anche secondo me.
The finished Trapani paintings are the product of very solid and thorough work. I think you have utterly mastered your pictorial elements here.

This is not a compliment. It is though, an apo ..goto
I am aware of the terms of representation and of the fact that everything is an abstraction at the bottom line. What I meant was that in the course seeing (nature) one perceives first what one has bee ..goto
Woh, woh, wait a second here! I just checked this web address you gave J.P and what did I find? This guy wearing his piece of drape, (is it?) way too high for not showing anything underneath... Well,  ..goto
Now, seriously, this must be a good painting; it makes me hot! ..goto
Dear friends, do you really believe there is such a thing as an innocent eye? I am currious. ..goto
Dear Hillel, I have been looking at your studio log when it occured to me: you are the only artist I know that begins with short of abstract forms and then transforms them into figurative and not vice ..goto
You see that is what I was trying to say once on a comment I made your Head #6. As I understand it, what happened in the early 1900 was the fragmenting and rethinking of the object first and the way w ..goto
Sorry, I pasted the above under the wrong image. This was meant as a response to another comment of yours. ..goto
I have been looking at her paintings for two entire days. I would like to take part in this conversation too. Hillel and Hanjo, do take a look. [LINK][/LINK] ..goto
I honestly think this is the best painting you have ever done so far. No kidding. I wish I could see the real thing. ..goto
Dear Hanjo,
My saying that I like No II’s colour best meant exactly what I said. I like it more because it is my cup of tea. It is like saying that I like lemon sorbet more than strawberry, which  ..goto
Ecco, cosi va meglio. Adesso ti posso rispondere che in questo disegno, Mimi, e' riuscita a creare volume con il solo uso della linea, che e' una cosa abbastanza difficile e sicuramente dimostra capac ..goto
L'affermazione "Questa non e' arte" non e' una critica in quanto non da ne argomenti ne raggioni. Io sono intervenuta proprio perche vorrei vedere piu critiche e meno frasi fatte fra artisti. Allora,  ..goto
Beh, probabilmente Bruno trova che anche Egon Schiele, per esempio, e' considerato un grande artista per sbaglio.
E che ne pensa Bruno di Matisse? A, vorrei sapere che ne pensa di Gustave Courbet ..goto
You are absolutely right, it is true that the story narrated by painting when there aren’t any precise symbols used, depends very much on the viewer. Stereotype interpretations cannot be avoided thoug ..goto
Benvenuto abordo. Interessante, sembra in fiamme. Una sirena nel inferno. ..goto
Your photographs are really interesting but your painting images are of such low definition that it is almost impossible to view them. Why don't you try to upload larger files? ..goto

Hanjo Schmidt
Well, I can’t help my unartistic behaviour as a child. My way to survive was not to deal with the pain visual or nonvisual but with ignoring. I was living in a kind of virtual submarine and when these ..goto
Well, this is something special: A link to a site that shows me in a video talking about my art in front of some huge paintings. [LINK][/LINK]
And painting:
[LINK]h ..goto
Dear Maria, I want to take this medium for answering you for maybe there is someone else interested in reading it.
You wrote: „My favourite expression is that of the first one but the colour of t ..goto
Nikoletta! This photo, as almost all of your work, reminds me of Trapani (By the way: Antonio, thank you again for letting us have this experience!), that nice place, that wonderful time. And I wonder ..goto
Oh, these are the Jacobsen chairs. I know them like sisters and brothers for I had the great pleasure to work in Arne Jacobsen’s office in in Kopenhagen in the late sixties. My that was a very good ti ..goto
dearest Kwon, we are all in deep sorrow about your whereabouts and it would be a big big relief if you could be so nice to not only give us a note that you are still alive but some sketches of what yo ..goto
The painting you mentioned was taken away for I wasn’t satisfied with it. So it’s a candidate for to be painted over.  ..goto
. . . on our neverending way through unsafe fields, as usual not clad appropriate and with only makeshift weapons at hand but at least upright, me and myself came along these pale ruins that on a clos ..goto
When I met Maria the other week at her studio-log she said something about application of paint like that she found out a new method of doing it. But for it’s not possible to ask on studio-log what sh ..goto
Psssssst Brothers and Sisters (whisper whisper) I had to read philosophical texts all day long, Adorno, Foucault, Deleuze, Flusser and got so angry and upset that I had to cool down in my beloved bath ..goto
I want to thank both of you for your comments. Very interesting, very serious, very honest and emotional texts. I’m flattered that you took the time.
I am aware of the difficulty of using words w ..goto
oh oh, it's a hoarse voice, not a coarse one, sorry, sorry, sorry . . . ..goto
Well, some weeks ago I got this letter from an art critic from Pasadena, California, that I thought might be of some interest for some more people as myself. So I want to use this beautiful but unfort ..goto
Well, the perfect exhibition opportunity. That’s what we are working on for our show in October 2013 here in Stuttgart. We that is two other artists and me. So it will be a group show of our big forma ..goto
Well Kristina, that’s very very nice to hear from you. So you are still on the boat . . . or at least back on it again. What a nice surprise.
And don’t be scared, death people look quite differe ..goto
I'm always very curious to see when I receive that email saying Hanjo has uploaded a new image...
This time a head study in blue: does this mark a departure from flesh tones for you?
What was your mot ..goto
Well, that Maria is not convinced is not her statement but J-P's assumption. She herself did say nothing in that direction. We didn't even talk about that case. Maybe she will when she joins the discu ..goto
Well, the shifts ... after my time in New York I was fed up with inventing figures. I thought why invent silly things when nature has such strong objects in store. And I was fed up with theories and c ..goto
Well Costantino, you really take commenting serious. And john-Paul will be happy. That’s not bad. Okay, you see this painting as a kind of crucifiction. Oh oh, that sounds strange to me and is far awa ..goto
Well, I will use this space for a Fraud Alert

Every now and then painters get an e-mail from an unknown person offering to buy a painting.

I think it’s not exaggerated to state that  ..goto
Oh oh, I guess here we have a misunderstanding initiated by a so called „False Friend“.
The English term rendition, according to my dictionary, means something like a performance, showing somethin ..goto
Well, the faces. When painting the Skin Series it striked me that somehow the face is treated too prominent. In our clothed society every expression is encumbered with the face. So it is mainly over r ..goto
The other day I found a text by German painter Johannes Grützke that describes perfectly what I think painting is for me. And for I like this description so much I translated it into what I think migh ..goto
Gehäuse, a housing, a core, an enclosure, a shell, a casing. Seen this way the head, the skull, whose outside is the face, is the most important house and home of the self. And this shell, this core,  ..goto
Well, since we were talking about details in the recent seascape of Karen and I said that I did not mind the lack of it in a reproduction of a portrait or body . . .
Here is a detail of the pubics ..goto
This is one of the best things you’ve ever done. It’s so free and melodious and colourful and filled with love and appreciation. It has music in it and joy and hope. So I will keep my fingers crossed  ..goto
This image looks better with every time I see it. I discover more and more details of this impressing face-scape. The playful light, the texture of the hair, the fur . . . and here it's possible to se ..goto
Well, let me think. I have seen this face before. Hm hmm . . . Was this the director from a theatre, or was he the manager of a horse race event somewhere in Wiltshire? My my, I cant remember but this ..goto
Well, I can't help but emphasise everything what I have said about the old studio as well as about Karen being there. And the longing is not fading, not at all but in the contrary. ..goto
Yeah, here it is! Did I say I love it? Well here I say it again and again. And it's much better than the one I have and that already was a very good one!
The funny thing is that I always imagine i ..goto
I really like the concept and the colours and the openes of the brush work. So here you are opening a new field besides seascapes and portraits. And here you are able to keep a sketchy atmosphere you  ..goto
So here it finally is, a stunning portrait at least for everyone who knows the sitter. You really got her. Congratulations. And what I find amazing beyond comprehension is that you managed to show all ..goto
The very first thought, no, not even a thought, a reaction was: I WANT MY OLD STUDIO BACK ! ! ! My did I love that place with its sun in the summer and that mysterious, spirit lifting light coming thr ..goto
Mmmmm, it simply is wonderful, delicious, stupendous, amazing, tremendous and, and, and . . . ..goto
Welcome Karen. Good idea to also join this website. I like to see your work here!  ..goto
I’m really taken aback that here in the small reproduction so much of the rich gamut of colours and what the different layers reveil in the original is missing. The atmosphere is there, no doubt, but  ..goto
Having an interior as a background automatically tells it’s own story interferring with that one the body tells. So for me, looking at your paintings from 2005, all the bodies are embedded in that laz ..goto
Here, dear John-Paul, you can see the dream put into reality. This is the wall I was thinking of and the press cheered on it. And it wasn't even so difficult . . . ..goto
عزیز زهرا،
اگر ش�
ا استفاده از برنا�
ه ترج�
را تنها بسیار کوتاه و بسیار ساده است
در غیر این صورت کار ن�
ی کند.
Well Fotini, I have a grandson, two and a half years old and very very sweet. When visiting him we have lots of fun playing football, what he loves, looking at picture books for hours, going to the ci ..goto
Well Maria, with narration it’s a bit as Hillel described it for seeing figures in every pattern. We have a tendency to see a narration in every combination of figures. Put a woman and a man together  ..goto
Well, I guess I need help. Today I wanted to simply cross Artprocess Boulevard but there’s no chance. It’s such an incredible traffic out here that it’s almost impossible to see the other side of the  ..goto
whow, strange story. But don’t worry JP, we are living in a fully motorized civilisation and people don’t even buy cigarettes from the automat next door without using their car. And don’t forget the i ..goto
What has become strange is art. And it might be harder than ever to define what art really is. But what one can definitely say is that painting has gone, for painting is much much more than adding som ..goto
Well my dear, come to Stuttgart, go to the Galéo café and have a closer look at it. But be aware that the young people that are frequently visiting this place find paintings like this disgusting. So w ..goto
For more than 40 years Karl has been my closest friend. He once was my professor in architecture and later became my friend and in the course of time even a kind of father figure for me. He died 2006, ..goto
My, what a noise suddenly on the boulevard. What’s going on? Waking me up in the middle of the night. Shame on you! But okay, now that I cannot find back into sleep, let me just join the caterwauling. ..goto
Patrick, looking at your work tells me that there is hope. I do not only appreciate your comment on Karen’s so wonderfully coloured and open portrait of Carlos but the way you handle paint, light and  ..goto
I really like to see this painting! And not only for I like the painter so much or the model which of course does a lot to this admiration. No, it’s the colours, the capture of the gaze, the way it re ..goto
What I am talking about is that it doesn’t really matter what the artist says. For that’s only about intention. Important is what the artwork says. One cannot stand near to it all the time explaining: ..goto
Karen, as far as I can see you did a very good job. When I compare this final version with the one you sent to me beforehand I have to say that you mastered all the little problems which are hidden in ..goto
That’s a funny idea that intimacy should show better in a smaller size. I mean standing in front of a portrait the size of Karen’s Maria or even more extreme in those I have with the text in my catalo ..goto
Oh, thank you for the information Patricia. 16 beds, that must look even more interesting  ..goto
Well Miranda, I like this too but have just the same question as Patricia. So please answer our question, will you? Actually it looks very small but if it doesn't matter for so or so it's impressive a ..goto
Karen, that is very well spoken. I have exactly the same feelings for Hillel's work. Thank you for putting it into words. ..goto
Well, I don’t want to compare the transit paintings with the ones that show individual figures. I think that working on the transit / commuter theme is very interesting for this is our daily life. The ..goto
Well, the transit series. Anonymous people, no one singled out, and melted into their surroundings. Just a collective movement. So far I can follow quite well. But then you use these semi circled brus ..goto
Hillel, Karen gave me the tip to have a look at artprocess again and I have to admit that I liked what I saw. The new painting of yours is very dynamic and interesting and convincing not only in it’s  ..goto
It’s funny, I was only minutes away from writing a short comment about that it cannot be our business to tell other artists how to paint. If there is a tendency in my last comment it’s not what I had  ..goto
Hillel, thanks for letting us participate. Having just been in Greece for 10 days everything from there now has my special interest. And thanks Fotini (the name is stressed on it's last i as I just le ..goto
Well, your conclusion that my „inspiration is coming from the Baroque“ is pretty much off the track. So please let’s repeat just a few things for maybe my unexperienced English led you to think this w ..goto
I want to point out two paintings in particular, Pink Mat and Wrestlers in Foyer. In those paintings there is so much energy and drama. And with keeping the surroundings clear and almost empty you foc ..goto
Well, this may be a good idea Hillel. So let's have a try. For some days I'm going to load up thre of my older paintings (from 20003 to be more precise) from the series "At Arms Length" ..goto
"From 20003" hehe. Oh the types! ..goto
He he, I like the title “people interacting“. You could as well have only called it „people“. What’s in it everyone can see and you, J-P, described your impression with passion. So why listing all imp ..goto
Well, the most primitive view is to think people have black or white skin. That is ideology. An superficial view is that skin looks brown or rosy. One has to take some time and really look at skin. Th ..goto
I like your artwork very much to begin with. And of course I would like to see it „in the flesh“. In these small dimensions there isn’t much more to be seen than texture. But even then it has an atmos ..goto
caro, esatto, grazie ..goto
Dearest Maria, reading our commemts again after years I am ashamed that I deleted the other examples we were talking about so that no one understands what we are talking about. But in a way even witho ..goto
Fifteenth of April. That’s spring season, blossom season, mating season whatever. Everything is growing and bursting out and exiting etcetera. Well, I’m curious to see what this season is doing with o ..goto
Dear Maria, I just spottet it today (21.7.07) and I'm impressed. Wonderful! ..goto
Dear Maria, go on, go on, go on, don't stop. You are on a good way. I know you can do it. It shows great promise. ..goto
Well, Maria, this is a question no one can answer but you.
Now and again one succeed in doing a very good painting. One that is more powerful or more beautiful or simply just better than all the o ..goto
Well, I am not into art theory. I am not into any theory at all. Theories are for philosophers or clerics or that kind of people. In the end theories are only expressable with words. They are made out ..goto
Well Maria, neither what I have seen in your studiolog nor these studies looks exactly like a crisis. Obviously you are exploring brighter colours and what light does with them just as you have announ ..goto
Well, I fully agree with Karen. For me too the red seems to be essential. At least I was so happy to find such a bright colour in one of your paintings. And this red gives the painting the warmth and  ..goto
Maria, I just spotted this one. It looks very interesting to me for it’s so different from what you usually do. Very vivid and light and happy with a good light and a good plasticity. It’s painting an ..goto
It’s interesting how close another artists work can become if one had the chance to know the personel she’s working with. Now, after the trapani experience it’s not just a face but that dear person wh ..goto
as far as I know Nikoletta said that this looks very much like Maria. And I think she's absolutely right. It's a very interesting portrait as far as I can judge ..goto
Sheila, this I like best. You know that with flowers there is the same problem as with the nudes. One can easily slip into the kitschy section of art. The only attitude that helps out of this maybe mo ..goto
Well Billy, I find your approach towards this theme remarkable. It highlights the charakteristic speciality that makes this genocide and massmurder the most gruesome in history. The industrial way of  ..goto
Hi Rainer, I like your African series but this I like best. Very good brushwork! Good colouring! Very vigorous. ..goto
Dear John-Paul, after a long time of absence I thought about coming back to good old art process. So in the next days I will upload some of the new works. I hope it's okay with you. Best regards and I ..goto
Patricia, woran liegt es nur, dass ich deine Zeichnungen so sehr mag? Ich hoffe nur, dass Du vor lauter grünen Linien das Zeichnen nicht ganz vergißt. Nicht gegen die grünen Linien, das weißt du, aber ..goto
Well yes, the old Karl Valentin Quotation. Funny yet absolutely true like John Paul’s remark that AP is just as good or bad as we are who form it. There have been several attempts to bring back the hi ..goto
The famous beginning of Joyce’s book Finegans Wake „ riverrun, past Eve and Adam’s, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to Howth Castle and Enviro ..goto
Patricia, wouldn’t it be interesting to put some of your works from the Green Line Project onto this website. I mean you are so much engaged with it and I think that we all should have the chance to h ..goto
It’s a difficult task to write down what I want to say. It would be much easier if it was in behalf of my own work but it is in behalf of your’s. Or at least your work has triggered these thoughts or  ..goto
My dear John-Paul, don’t worry, I’m not commenting on this piece another time but on an aspect of your project „Luogo del sogno“, which I can do only here. And of course I’m sorry to disturb your drea ..goto
John-Paul, I don’t quite understand why you have the opinion of producing ugly abstract art only. I mean this example for instance appears to be extraordinary yummy. A huge collection of chocolate bla ..goto
Listening to this debate somehow evokes a strange picture in my small brain: It shows something as Saint Augustine, Rabbi Hillel and say Ibn Rushd are sitting together in some kind of shadowy mosque o ..goto
In Germany we call beer „liquid bread“. So your work is not only a proper depiction of reality but a pleonasm as well. Maybe you should send a photograph of it to a German brewery like Dinkelacker-Sch ..goto
Γειá μας ..goto
Well, I’m afraid you are absolutely right Maria and something like this being sucked into his sculptures must have happened to our poor fellow artist. By the way, since when are you working in the hor ..goto
Welcome Maria. I like your comment but unfortunately I do not fully agree with you. I only agree say 99.9%. Scientists who work on the language phenomenon have said that spoken language comes to appro ..goto
Well, my dear,
while strolling around in the studio-log section I finally ran into your beer box elegy which really delighted me. I mean I really like to read your texts as I do with Hillel’s. On  ..goto
Sometime we all might be tired of this site. But taking one’s time and reading the comments one has to admit that there is no website about art with such rich harvest of meaning and truth. ..goto
Well , earlier in my life I worked as an an architect. So for many years my drawing work only required small movements of my hands. All the lines not much longer than some centimetres, then adding som ..goto
Not at all did I take your choice as a criticism. In contrary I am very happy that you have your own well defined view of things. I just wanted to express why I like number three so very much. Yes and ..goto
John-Paul, to answer your question I will quote from a story by J.D. Salinger Karl would have liked.

Duke Mu of Chin said to Po Lo: “You are now advanced in years. Is there any member of your ..goto
I would like to dedicate the Woyzeck series to both Karen Kruse and Maria Xagorari. To Karen for it is about nude men, a neutral background, the colouring of the skin, poses that are not from the clas ..goto
Okay, back to seriousness. Of course it doesn’t matter for an artist if someone „likes“ her painting or not. It might be nice to hear such a thing from someone that is dear to her and it even might be ..goto
Karen, you are perfectly right! The drawings of Mimi are very elegant and much much better as those of Mr. Capestrani. ..goto
By chance I ran into this painting of Fotini and then found Maria’s comment on drawing which sounds very strange to me. I know that we had this discussion on drawing very often here but I have forgott ..goto
Indeed the trick worked this time. I’m so proud of me.

Well, it was my fault to try to make something objective what actually is a highly subjective thing. In a way ... and there Hillel’s abs ..goto
Am I right that there is something wrong with the solution? I suppose that the painting isn’t as soft in it’s appearance as it looks on this image. So I would ask you the favour of chosing either a hi ..goto
Fotini, that’s an interesting step you made. I’m very curious what comes out of this. The photo should be a bit more precise but nevertheless it looks promising. ..goto
Oh yes, I forgot to say hello to J-P who ... I’m quite sure ... is peeping from behind the curtain. And I have to say that I liked your postcard a lot and am pondering on if I should have this kind o ..goto
Oops, checking out the studio log again I see that you worked just the way I thought would be appropriate. Oh oh how embarrassing. This at least is proof that I am totally uncapable of writing comment ..goto
Okay, okay, maybe you understand it better this way:

Well XXS, it’s always difficult to comment on another artist’s work. At least it is for me. But seeing this painting I always wanted to sa ..goto
Bueno XXS, siempre es difícil hacer comentarios sobre la obra de otro artista. Al menos, es para mí. Pero seing este cuadro siempre quise decir algo al respecto. Yo quería mucho antes de que se reunió ..goto
whow, I’m impressed. Here’s something new emerging.

I always feel awkward when have to talk about painting in technical terms. Somehow I have the feeling that one cannot really put in cold wo ..goto
Well my dear, let me start with a preamble, too. I do appreciate your honesty, I really do, for that’s the fundament of any talk that matters. And I do appreciate that you do not sit in the background ..goto
Mmmmm I like this little mole gathering indeed I do. And I like that Fotini came along, too. Well Maria, you are not the only one, absolutely not but ... I’m the artist and I can’t help to be a very b ..goto
the new face in the studio-log, thr coloured version, iI like it just the unfinished way it is. very promising. But of course you have to finish it. by the way, it was sooooooooo great meeting you. An ..goto
Umm, well, i would prefer not to be called "master". it makes me feel uneasy and is in no way appropriate. thanks a lot ..goto
Well, „ nice work but ...“ isn’t really a comment isn’t it? Okay, maybe the rest of it got lost somehow while uploading. Anyway John Paul is right that only showing a piece of art often isn’t enough t ..goto
I really do like this portrait and the one shown in the studio log. Well, my dear to be honest I tried a lot of texts on your work but dismissed them all. It’s too difficult for me or maybe I’m just t ..goto
Well dear, don’t worry. Everything is okay. I can understand your intentions and you can understand mine. Isn’t that pretty? Have a nice time in Lisbon and be well. Thanks a lot and a big hug. ..goto
Oh, mejor debería ser: „Pero al ver este cuadro siempre quise decir algo al respecto.“ ..goto
Somehow I knew that cabeza was a proper artist with his process of unravelling particularities. Now he has a congenial campanioness (if that is the appropriate term). Now there are two masters (or bet ..goto
Hi Anne, nice to hear from you. And it is consoling that at least my paintings are doing a good job in telling something helpful about painting or in other words about looking at things properly. Of c ..goto

rock swanson
very nice theme and artwork love your colors ..goto
what it is,is great! ..goto
nice work I feel the journey ..goto
nice art work ..goto
very nice work love your colors ..goto
very nice theme and piece ..goto
awesome ..goto
beautiful coloring awesome work ..goto
love your mix of colors for the human figure great work ..goto
nice complement ..goto
very beautiful work ..goto
deep work nice theme ..goto
nice theme I like the painting ..goto
incredable beauty ..goto
incediable work love your colors and fillers ..goto
great composition ..goto
very nice and unique ..goto
incrediable nice work ..goto
very nice the way it comes together ..goto
I love your painting the style is great ..goto
nice composition ..goto
very nicely done ..goto
very beautiful work love your added colord ..goto
incredable beautiful work ..goto
nice work ..goto
very nice work ..goto
right on awesome piece ..goto
very very nice work I love this painting ..goto
How can you not love this artwork ..goto
very nice work ..goto
beautiful piece ..goto
incrediable colors and design I love your theme ..goto
WOW what a deep scene ..goto
Ilove this overpattern great work ..goto
very nice  ..goto
very unique nice work ..goto
very nice work with your colors ..goto
nice work ..goto
awesome color theme very nice work ..goto
beautiful work ..goto
fantastic drawing  ..goto
very nice work I really like this piece ..goto
right you are nicely done ..goto
rich very rich ..goto
nice work really makes you look into your piece ..goto
nice ..goto
very nice work ..goto
very very good work ..goto
I love it ,nice color patterns ..goto
wonderful painting ..goto
very good art work I love your theme and colors ..goto
beautiful color and theme.just overall great work ..goto
I love your idea of the wine and theme excellant work ..goto
incredable capture ..goto
very nice work ..goto
I love your colors and style ..goto
very deep work love your colors ..goto
nice work incredible ..goto
what power in this piece ..goto
nice painting ..goto
very interesting piece ..goto
unreal artwork awesome piece ..goto
fantastic! ..goto
very nice work ..goto
very nice representation ..goto
very nice I like what your doing ..goto
great work and composition ..goto
fantastic work hollywood needs you ..goto
very different I like where your going with it ..goto
very very good love your composition ..goto
great artwork ..goto
such beauty and style I love your colors and work ..goto
beautiful work ..goto
deep very nice work ..goto
very well done ..goto
excellent! ..goto
wow! very very nice ..goto
nice theme and painting I like your colors ..goto
very very nice work ..goto
very nice composition ..goto
fantastic  ..goto
very unique style I like it alot ..goto
georgous simply georgous ..goto
I love where you are going with this ..goto
nice composition very good work ..goto
unbelievable talant ..goto
wonderful colors and effect ..goto
beautiful artwork ..goto
wonderful color theme and construction ..goto
yes wonderful piece I feel a touch of high technology ..goto
great color and theme ..goto
fantastic! ..goto
very nice work ..goto
very very beautiful work ..goto

karen kruse
Someone wrote that we should learn to see, the same way we learn to read. I think you have a natural gift for seeing, and getting to the interesting point of a scene.
And you find it in any image, ..goto
Yes of course the painting is important, but the way you have framed the image she (the girl) seems to look at us asking for help, she seems to fear to be manipulated again, she is more alive than any ..goto
Maria,I love it,in it's simple but intense construction. Very powerful. Has quitado aditamentos,y lo has destilado hasta obtener solo lo importante. Enhorabuena!  ..goto
Well! At least I got you here again! That is something! And I’m glad for it. Un abrazo desde aquí, amigo mio. (I also prefer this one..: ) ..goto
Of course, Fotini, we all look in silence again and again, but this web was different because there was a REAL communication between some artists , … and although I have to say that I miss some in p ..goto
Is everybody asleep in this web? dead? I haven’t read an interesting comment in months, nothing….. I mean I know that two or three of the usual writers have good reasons for not doing it, (including m ..goto
Thanks for your comment JP, I have been working for some time in the water images, although I didn’t upload them here, I will .
This time I'll just write under Hillel’s painting to continue a l ..goto
I have the same problem with squared proportions, and I don’t know why either!, I found the first version of this “young family” more disturbing. But maybe it wasn’t your intention to give “the king o ..goto
Maria, quería comentarte el cuadro grande pero no he tenido la ocasión, hoy puedo hacerlo. Lo voy a hacer en español, para variar, y porque me lleva menos tiempo. La primera vez que ví la pintura me r ..goto
He is very thankful,he is very good from you to say so much. Also many thankyous to google for its translation tools. ..goto
If I were you and having read the translation, I wouldn't thank Google at all,now I know what a laughter antonio must have had when reading one of my messages , translated the same way into Italian. ..goto
I dedicate this scene to my friend Hillel, whose subway scenes were the second paintings I layed eyes upon, in this website.
I don't really care if it takes place in the subway or not, my only in ..goto
Well, as you already know, I am a witch my friend. Witches do these things....
Here I am again, looking at your Rabbi heads, late at night , while everybody is sleeping. Dont know why, guess curiosity and a mixed feeling of strangeness and tenderness, that is what they make m ..goto
Thank you Claudia for your comments, it is true, there are not many women painting men. I dont think it is a question of being brave, I think it is a question of being honest, I am no poet, and I’m  ..goto
I also like your paintings precisely for that open, unfinished, character. They have the quality of a remembered image, an instant of light kept in our brains without too many details, like a memory i ..goto
Ciao Vito,e
grazie, è un commento che mi lusinga specialmente perchè viene da te, che qualche volta mi hai detto che non capisci il senso dell'arte figurativa e non la sai commentare e neppure vu ..goto
What a surprise! almost all the members of the club having a meeting!
Maria is not really convinced... but I like it! What a pleasure to meet again! I bet you had fun! Next one in Madrid please!  ..goto
Hanjo, I have been without internet these past two weeks. Finally, yesterday I could connect myself and the first thing I did was to take a look at your new paintings, see what you were doing, and th ..goto
As usual your implacable x-rayed way of describing the truth of long time relationships gives full meaning to this work; it is a bitter and merciless psychological analysis of this couple, her person ..goto
questo sí è arte??? sorry but the comment you made can return to you as a boomerang, at least explain why you think something is or isn't art.  ..goto
Bruno, one of the best things in this web is that we can comment anything, and there is no real knowledge of who we are making the comment to (in general terms) I mean, what in our own country would m ..goto

Silence can be suffocating, and it can also be comfortable, in your grandson's case it is full of excitement and happiness and it is evident that he has no doubt you understand what he is saying ..goto
You don’t have to apologize , it isn’t a question only about you, that's why I said “we”, I mean I’m begining to doubt if there is something that can be said to help somebody make a better artwork, be ..goto
Don't know what you mean john-paul.... ..goto
Well if there is any rendition JP I couldn’t say whose is it, for both are holding their own pleasure in their hands.
I don’t think it is a question of surrender, the image for me is a kind of hom ..goto
After reading the comment I had to go and take a look at your work and I found your statement, I'm afraid I cannot agree with it, yes there is Bad art, as there is bad music or mediocre arquitecture.  ..goto
Thanks JP for your comment. I did wanted to focus on the light and not on the drawing or realistic effects of whatever appeared in the room. I was interested in the stimulating atmosphere the interact ..goto
You're absolutely right, I should have realized it when using the word "surrender", anyway thanks for the correction. In case you're still pondering I vote for "Homesick".. ..goto
Merlin, I have been studying your paintings, and photos, your personal words in the page, and then again the works. I feel a great difference between paintings, and photographs, as if two different  ..goto
I'm afraid brother Hanjo has retired to his room, probably to meditate why his bright red heels are frequently read as bloody heels, (I thought the same thing), or maybe the hearing aids are not that  ..goto
After saying that you have really impressed me with your Spanish comment, and since I have been alluded again for my drawing , in Raul’s painting, I have to say that in the end it is a similar star ..goto
La palabra “rotundo” no tiene las mismas connotaciones en inglés y en español, por eso he preferido usarla en nuestra lengua, creo que este retrato lo es, y la expresión reflexiva de la chica no hace  ..goto
Maestro Kagan, wanted to ask you something, do you know a painter named Maya Kulenovic?, she works in Canada. What do you think of her paintings, especially her faces? I'd like to have your opininion  ..goto
Hillel, I would really like to see these small studies better, would it be possible to put them in your studio log one by one?? a fast small sketch is usually much more revealing and interesting than ..goto
Of course I'll be in Trapani. I'll get there the 4th of July and be there two weeks. doesn't it seem as though we already know each other?
Are you going to be there?? ..goto
This is a sketch I did a few years ago, and the arms formed a kind of knot which I didn't work much,(I just worked his face ) I have started a second version of this, on a larger format including this ..goto
Sorry but I had to answer Montse in spanish first . I think that other languages can also be used here, this makes communication easier , doesn’t it? If someone is interested enough he or she will fin ..goto
Gracias Montse, llevas razón en cuanto al tema, pero eso , como otras muchas cosas lo he aprendido con el tiempo. Trabajando . Trabajando estas últimas marinas en las que no hay un horizonte, unas c ..goto
I am not as good as you are commenting paintings, but I´ll try to express my point of view the best I can. I think that the art of our times, today’s art follows a general trend of muteness. It is b ..goto
Well, Arnold thanks for your comment anyway. I am painting at the moment two images that have no vanishing point, no houses in the horizon, just a bit of spatial information, enough to let the viewer  ..goto
Well, you are right again, painting these images of underwater reflections is easier and makes my life easier too, but something of the risk , the difficulty and the challenge that I find in painting  ..goto
And isn't he right? I’m crazy painting so many Raul’s , although I bet there are many more I haven’t reached with my brushes. Its true I’m a bit tyrant....... but I think he likes to be painted. ! ..goto
I agree with you, the artwork speaks by itself, much better than we do. I’d rather let it be read and not talk about it , as you said depends on who sees it, its a story or another. I guess I need m ..goto
Well, I've offered myself to paint it! But I need him here, or at least some photos...How about it Hillel????
I agree with J.P. I have been working in a Catholic Church, restoring a Luca Giordano ceiling, and your painting was something of a flashback to that baroque movement and light, and forced diagonals.  ..goto
Well, when doing a portrait of someone you know, the challenge is to paint something of the essence of that person, it doesn’t rely necessarily in the measurements, or the texture of the skin, it i ..goto
Well Hanjo is right, it was made with love for this greek witch, that doesn't seem to need a telephone to contact me. Intuition, telepathy or special communication..who knows, anyway I enjoyed (and su ..goto
Every time I see this painting the mexican mural painters come to mi mind. There is something monumental about it, guess it has something to do with large flat areas of saturated colour,and the rotund ..goto
I have to disagree with you Maria, in the first place, I do recall writing a negative comment on paintings I didn’t like, and saying why, in this webpage, in particular to Hanjo and to Hillel. Two pe ..goto
Hi Maria, well I never thought it could have anything to do with Durer, I worked it under the same spirit as the others, I think it gives a more linear impression because it is very long, and it loos ..goto
Maurizio, me alegro tanto de verte en la web!Bienvenido! espero que escribas tus comentarios con la misma intensidad con que los hacías en Trapani,aunque sea en italiano. Un abbraccio
Thanks for your comment Jp and congratulations for the changes in the web from me too!
Well as I wrote in this other portrait, the effect the viewer gets when one paints, doesn’t necessarily coi ..goto
As I see it you have painted here two REAL women, and as you have done before, taking reality and cutting a piece of it for us, you seem to tell us; stop and look at real life ! , the way I look  ..goto
Davis, enhorabuena por tu color, tu movimiento, tu libertad a la hora de crear formas, tu falta de miedo, nunca dejas de sorprenderme porque no dejas de experimentar. La vorágine que manejas, aunque  ..goto
En este día terrible para los habitantes de L’Aquila y para todos los italianos, sólo quiero expresaros mi tristeza por esta tragedia, me duele Italia como si fuese mi propia tierra , solo puedo manda ..goto

“Aprender a mirar los ojos, a mirar lentamente, profundamente, aprender a escuchar con los ojos. Nadie puede soportar la interrogación del silencio, se ha escrito. Nadie puede soportar la inter ..goto
Gracias David, cuando quieras. ..goto
I'm sure I agree with Nicoletta. Just one more thing, it's small but it seems monumental,where's the trick Maria?? ..goto
I have to say Maria, that I love the way this head is done. We all know that its apparent simplicity is very difficult to reach, and you've done it with very few brushstokes. Enhorabuena ! ..goto

Abby Jones
I can't say enough about the beauty of this piece. I love the embedded imagery. The cool colors balance well with the deep meaning that the title and the images suggest.

Abby ..goto
Beautifully flowing shapes and lines. I love the blue with the red and the black. The peach color takes away some of the paintings spark in my opinion, by overall this piece really work I particula ..goto
by the way the yellow and aqua-marine color really pop and make me feel under water... very fluid. ..goto
Gorgeous. I love the way we are able, as artists, to slow down the process and make a piece a part of our lives . It is so much more contrasting and all encompassing to view when it comes to abstract ..goto
I definitely agree... I would love to see a large work too. The energy would tower over the viewer. I personally have a hard time doing small canvas'. I feel confined and restrained when it comes t ..goto
I really love this piece. Beautiful use of color and texture. Wonderful energy and enthralling imagery. Bravo. ..goto
Right off the bat I notice the texture. I love the black vigorously applied... so full of energy... Beautiful. Not sure about the black on the bottom... perhaps a little mor of your orange and red t ..goto
Brilliant use of texture as a major compositional element. Wonderful use of negative space. Is there fabric incorporated? Fantastically pulled off.
Abby  ..goto
Wonderful. I love the idea of seeing the reflection of the environment that the piece hangs in... in that way the painting will always be changing. A living piece of art. Bravo

a tiny side ..goto
Wonderful use of the oils. The colors are excellent. The ochre and grey and white really work well. The hints of red and blue really add to the composition is a wonderful balance between warm and c ..goto
Love the texture... beautiful use of shape and line. Wonderfully balanced. Please tell me what mediums you are using. Bravo. Beautiful blue. ..goto
Wonderful use of form and lie. The sun really shines... Did you use a metallic paint? Its beautiful, I can feel the heat and energy radiating from it. Love the texture. At first it seemed a little ..goto
Fabulous... Love the imagery. The third or inner eye seems to be represented a lot in your works. I love it. It's what expressionism is all about. Even when I try to eliminate the eye from my work ..goto
Wonderful in pencil or paint you have an eye for balance and I think I keep seeing the same symbol in a lot of your paintings. Is it a personal mark, or does it have some deeper meaning. I'll do som ..goto
I really love this work. I love your Egyptian like eyes and the obscure symbolism. Beautiful colors and the line is so eloquent and carries the eye nicely around the painting. Bravo. ..goto
OMG thanks soooo much for all of your comments. I hope no one gets the joke in Never Trust A Prankster.

Thanks for the ratings too.


Abby ..goto
Ahh I love the eye. Pen too. Wow. Wonderfully Egyptian.  ..goto
I love the titles of your works too. Excellent job on the hands, and there's that symbol again... I simply must know what it means if anything. It is beautiful. ..goto
Absolutely one of my favorites. You have a very unique style and probably a unique way of opening up that inner eye as this piece is titled. What ever works... for the sake of art... you'd be surpri ..goto
Oh, yeah and the depth is superb. ..goto
Wow... such balance, such talent and skill. You are a marvelous artist. Keep it up. ..goto
I love the eye, very Egyptian. The symbolism adn the backgrounds are so amazing. I really like your whole portfolio. Such interesting ideas and these pieces really make you think. Very well don.  ..goto
You are a wonderful surrealist. You are very skilled with pencil and your compositions are fascinating. Very symbolic.Have you tried putting this surrealist talent to the test and use acrylics or pe ..goto
Wonderful symbolism and a beautiful sense of depth. I love the impression of movement and it feels like the piece has a living background. Very well done.  ..goto
Wonderful use of white space in this piece. Excellent drip, you do an excellent job of integrating the drip so that it does not seem the accident, but essential to the composition of the piece. Wond ..goto
Spray paint... great idea. I tried some metallic spray paint. I really like your use of line and bright vivid colors. The straight lines really bring out the odd shaped rectangles with the contrast ..goto
Wonderful use of drip incorporated into the piece. Excellent balance. Great use of negative space and depth. Nice works. ..goto
Love the color and the energy of this piece. Not sure how the lines on the left side work with the overall, but I really love this piece. I really like the center with the blue and the reds. Bravo ..goto
Beautiful work or art here. I love the fact that I can see into it. The depth is amazing with only so few colors. Wonderful use of mixed media. The water color and oils together really make the pi ..goto
MMMM I love it. I love the glitter, I love how the blue pops out... you have definately hit on the right idea here, but composition seems a little unbalanced. Maybe I need to see it in person. ..goto
I love the segmented quality of this painting that seems like stained glass. Wonderful use of shadow and light and lovely color choices. ..goto
Wow. Very impressive. You really have a mastery over the pigment and acetate combination. Visually stimulating and intriguing. I keep discovering new details that are gorgeous. Very elegant. ..goto
The balance in this piece is magnificent. I mean color, shape, line, and curve. All seem to mesh beautifully into a great composition. Your portfolio is very diverse. Very different styles. I woul ..goto
I love the depth of this piece. The shadow behind the red at the bottom is so enchanting. Very tasteful use of color for balance and dimension. Fabulous.

Abby ..goto
Visually stimulating. The piece seems lit up as if from behind. Wonderful mixture of shapes and symbols. I love your use of line. It seems so spirited and energetic. My eye travels nicely around  ..goto
Splendid piece of art. Truly electric in image as well as color. A masterpiece. ..goto
I love this work. I love the red. It feels like the fires of a volcano... mesmerizing. I love the crack of light and the blue really stands out on that field of red like a chunk of ice suspended in ..goto
There seems to be a resolution problem with this piece. I would love to comment later. ..goto
I absolutely love your work. I love the energy, the colors, the line and curve are beautifully balanced. Excellent piece. ..goto
Wonderful use of mixed media here to achieve a sense of contrast. The black seems a little heavy handed on the left of the piece, but I love the delicate lines of color and charcoal. I really like y ..goto
Mesmerizing, organic, full of depth. I really like the way you have incorporated a controlled drip that feels in the context of the composition to become root like. In this way the whole piece is ti ..goto
Such energy. Great colors and techniques. Very nicely done. Many compliments. ..goto
Wonderful color and energy in this piece. Love the liquid feeling and the ribbons of blue. Wonderful variations of the color by the way. Bravo ..goto
I love the cellular look of your pieces. Beautifully executed. You do a really great job resisting the left side of the work (which adds great depth) and growing in the right side of the piece with  ..goto
Wonderful energy in this piece. I love the golden hues. Beautifully balanced burgundy. Altogether lovely piece. ..goto
Fantastic piece, I like this one even more... I love the way you apply the oil and use a turpentine or thinner of some sort to create a sense of dimension. Love the drip. Very Volcanic. Bravo
Wonderful use of color and an ode to painting in a painting in poetry it would be called ars poetica. It is beautiful how the eye moves from hand to brush to drops of paint and expands to delicate mi ..goto
Very Nice work. You have an excellent energy and great use of line and color. Well done. ..goto
This is a wonderful piece of work... I like the idea that you took something that held some materialistic value to you. It was of the finest materials etc. and you broke down that barrier in order t ..goto
I really like this two piece. I like how the top seems to be vertically orientated, i.e. brush stroke, adn the bottom one in contrast is horizontal... which leads to great balance and contrast that m ..goto
Wunderbar John -Paul. Such energy in the ribbons of color dancing around each other. Magnificent balance and the yellow is brilliant as the sun. Good texture and depth. The only weakness is that  ..goto
Your style of painting works really well for the subject matter. I really like the vacant look on the woman's face, it is like the piece tells a story. In fact I would have made her face the center  ..goto
You do have excellent control over the medium... oils right? I love the colors... especially the reds. I'm in love with the left side of this work. I love the overlapping reds.  ..goto
What a refreshing sense of texture and technique. Wonderful use of objects and mediums to create balance and contrast that intrigues the senses. I can't say enough about the originality and talent I ..goto

John Wood
god on the eye none offencive. ..goto
OMG!! EXCELENT!! ..goto
The concept reminds me of a beach whale in final stages of decay ..goto
WOW WOW!! ..goto
Very intricate love the swirlling effect very nice!! ..goto
An interesting visual concept of two boats if that is the intention very good. ..goto
A quite uniuqe insight into lonlely people. ..goto
very mecarb and dark unusal but I see what you are saying. ..goto
An indepth view of relationship suffering. ..goto
The digital fractulatiuon shows this composition to be insightful. ..goto
Again DNA almost at the edge of the egg. ..goto
Love the instyling of the obscure figure love it!! ..goto
Nice and gentle i really like this one"" ..goto
Very spider like I like it. ..goto
I love this the mood in this is so full of good sensasion :) ..goto
But do they get the joke I hope not haha!! ..goto
very base form but eye catching.
A good visual concept of red to show the true nature of the falme. ..goto
These peice I really love as it reminds me of what sometimes goes off in my head haha ..goto
The pattern though basic show the the waves perfect giving a good perspective of water ..goto
Very natural and origanal" very good I like this" ..goto
a very good and intreging art work "love it." ..goto
A very deep view of women an intended perspective I guess. ..goto
the image reminds me of DNA and the centre is that of an ovam. ..goto
An interesting point of vision from thisa artist top rate. ..goto
a good and valuable art work so impressionable. ..goto
The patterns of blue and pink work well and compliment each other I love it! "HURAH FOR ART" ..goto
A very good conceptual art work "cool." ..goto
Reminds me of bieng in space looking down at an Island on earth. ..goto
A quite uniuqe perspective of a person in some sort of contortion. very good. ..goto
A well placed uniform display of colours and lines" very good" ..goto
A very uniuqe tallent. ..goto
the facial asspect is quite uniuqe. ..goto
the torment in this picture is quite reminisant of death rebirth and afterlife. ..goto
the surelist point of view is out done by the colour expression." good keep it up". ..goto
the constant of the opaque colour complements the picture. ..goto
She most definatlly is Juliet ..goto
the green lines lead you arond the edge not to the centre, very clever. ..goto
The way the bridge controls the plume is inspiring. ..goto
a uniform pattern of dark and surcumbrant ills. ..goto
a very pronounced view of purple as a tree. ..goto
a good contrast of pinks and purples good to the eye. ..goto
The industrial point of view with nature is disturbing but true. ..goto

Anne Duffy
I don't think the function of old film posters was to narrate, they aimed to give a glimpse of, a peek at a story that you would want to see. Medieval paintings aimed to tell the whole story, later on ..goto
I think this is an amazing painting. Inspiring. ..goto
First and foremost it's a wonderful painting! ..goto
Hanjo what a tutor you are. You have taught me so much in this painting. ..goto
This is a superb painting Maria ..goto
I think this is wonderful. Your work is so striking but some of your images are so horrible that I don't want to look at them. ..goto
Elaine, I'm very interested in the concept of Home. Were you , in fact, homesick when you painted this? It looks very tranquil but also a bit closed in. Does it relate to the land or to feeling - or b ..goto
Maria, I saw some of Kiefer's work years ago at Tate Liverpool and loved it but Munch's work does nothing for me. "The Shore of Memory" was one of the paintings I made following my brother's death 2 y ..goto
Maybe you think they are not good technically but I imagine they have a presence far more powerful than a photograph. ..goto
I was sad when I painted it as my brother had died. I am the only person in the picture left. I could not paint their faces for emotional reasons.
Composition-wise, I had difficulty with the kite, ..goto
wow! I never realised all that but you are right. It was all done on instinct but now I see what you mean. The difficulty I had with the kite was not it's position but the size and the colour. These c ..goto
I agree that things emerge as you paint. And not everything has to be "deep." There is joy in colour and pattern, in line.  ..goto
like it ..goto
great. like a modern Joan Eardley ..goto
This seems so different to the rest of your portfolio. I like it. ..goto
It looks stunning John-Paul. How could you bear to have your creation wiped out? I'm interested in the "story." I've done residencies in public galleries and didn't mind the public at all but when I d ..goto
It' just struck me that the style of these paintings is like certain artists from the '30s. Was that deliberate or unconscious, given the subject matter? ..goto
yes, I too see something of Francis Bacon in your work, altough not particularly in this painting. ..goto
That made me laugh! I like these small paintings anyway and they've given me an idea on how to tackle a project I'm doing this comming year. Will put the stuff up on Studio log. ..goto
On reflection, the above comment is inadequate. I think I meant "Well, what can you say!" The thing that goes through my head is "bad day on the Planet." A touch of the werewolves. Somebody feeling ro ..goto
I can't remember making this comment (been moving house, mind elsewhere.)
If it was me,sorry, I can't remember. ..goto
Edward Hopper comes to mind but there is also a British artist whose name I can't bring to mind. Will post it when I remember. ..goto
I think this works much better than the previous one. There is an overall feeling of tension. ..goto
well!! ..goto
I like this but..dunno - the face shows pain but the posture is relaxed. The figure and the room are at odds. ..goto
Thank you Hillel, I really appreciate that. Painting is a wonderful and mysterious thing, there is your conscious intention,there are all sorts of things that come out from your unconscious and then t ..goto
Although there is so much yellow it is not overpowering because of the figure. It's visually very satisfying and I like the concept (from medieval times?) of showing different phases of a life in one  ..goto
Quite right. It's monumental. ..goto
I really like this. I think clothes can be expressive in the same way that you say body parts can be. ..goto
faithful old dog! ..goto
A very powerful painting ..goto
Hanjo, I've learned a lot from your explanation. Thank you. ..goto

fotini hamidieli
Ihave just visited your website .Great work ,I particularly like the drawings, looking at your work pyt me in a good mood,so playful, a game between large and small. ..goto
i can understand how you feel as i lost my sister who was my best model after she was gone for 2 years itried to paint portraits of her now that ilook at them ican see they weren't any good ..goto
i can relate to this painting it seems kind of sad to me in its umbiguity nice positive -negative shapes ..goto
i like the organization of the work and the light -dark contrast ..goto
In November in my exhibition a social science proffesor looking at my work commented that my figures seem like females who are trapped in a closed environment,a provincial environment.The comment both ..goto
maria thanks for the wellcoming i live in asmall city it's difficult to find people to talk to about art when i need to, so artprocess is great . ..goto
thanks for your comment yellow is acolour which has negative conotation for me that's why iused it i don't know if it's medieval art i was thinking about or subconsciously greek byzantine ..goto
i will get some help and try again.i am not too familiar with the computer ..goto
Now, now we don't want anybody feeling sad but even more so I don't like thinking of Hillel being depressed and hope that he will get his ''kefi'' back quite soon.''Kefi''although not able to translat ..goto
you are right JP ,but for some works it is even more difficult to talk about ..goto
Ofcourse any time my work evokes a reaction from the viewer I feel satisfied that I was able to communicate.Even more so when other women see themselves in my work.Just today I run into a friend whom  ..goto
i think i got it better this time, thanks for your help ..goto
Unfortunately I am not a memberof EETE so I did not know about this show,maybe I will make it there to see it anyway or at some point you may come up to Thessaloniki ..goto
I actually had to look up the word transmogrified,now I know it.Like most people I have been looking in on AP but time is short and my mind has been wondering,too difficult to focus.I was taken back b ..goto
this is a good one. I like the closeness and the warm to cool colors. ..goto
i see that you exhibited at woods gerry gallery idid too but a long time 1978 it's good totalk to risdy grads ..goto
Well I can understand why you are studing Tetsis, his color is masterful and he lets it breathe although he uses intense hues very often.It is a good thing to let the work guide you,it might lead some ..goto
in the last darker paintings i like the way the forms are born from the darkness and the colours gain intensity too ..goto
I liked it upside down as well. The colors in the hands are really beautiful,glowing with warmth.  ..goto
don't boulevards have shadows where people just stand around ,looking,trying to avoid the sun and it is so hot that they prefer to simply lay low and wait and see?i must say you guys are sometimes int ..goto
I can't stop looking at this head! ..goto
what interests me about this painting and I find daring is all the black space ,heavy,weighing upon the figure,the mass of the body,which if you look at it quickly have to think''what is this?'' and t ..goto
I can't believe what you are doing!This is such strong work.The little blue spot over the eyebrow and the patgh of cool light green onthe right side of the head are great! ..goto
sometime ago you wondered about what makes artistsand I had told you my story.Recently I made a small film about it,if you like to see it you can take a look at untold . ..goto
The way you allow your figures to exist in space is interesting.Iwonder what this work would be like if it were really huge. ..goto
I like the surface of this painting and the big red shape forcing its way up  ..goto
non posso scrivere molto bene in italiano ma me piacce la energia di suoi linei ..goto

Federico Mazza
Tommy ce ne hai messo di tempo per fare anche tu un landscape :-) mi piace! ho saputo anche che la rivista Grab sta facendo un articolo su di te e indovina un pò? Grab è il free press di Luca mio cari ..goto
Hi Hillel, I like this painting. Isolation, meditation and solitude are very present here. It rememinds me the Hopper's empty rooms. ..goto
I like it ! great! is it a photo? ..goto
Hi Hillel, I like this painting. Isolation, meditation and solitude are very present here. It rememinds me the Hopper's empty rooms. ..goto
bravo! ..goto
Hi John.. thank you for your comment! I am very happy to read this message becuase I love Gerhard Richter, for me the best "painter"! (not an "artist" as he said.. like me I say!) Un abbraccio e spero ..goto
Cara Maria questa è la tua opera che più mi piace. Bellissimo ..goto
Bravissimo! ..goto
I like it! ..goto
L'immaginazione è generata dal limite della visione. In questo caso io sento e vedo un limite di una collina che mi impedisce di vedere.
Questo limite genera la tua immaginazione, quel bagliore di ..goto
This is grat for me Patricia! beacause I think this "blurred" theme is my future direction. I thing that the humen, in their human life, are leaving the natural life, we see everything from a window,  ..goto
The Blurred and The Transits series come from the daily life, never from an exceptional source, they come from places that have been seen one time after another, always with a short glance, never payi ..goto
under construction ..goto
Ciao Maria, I dont like paintings where there isn't any represantations of reality. I like his aesthetic but not the substance. I may be ignorant but that is my personal view. Thank you for your comme ..goto
I have painted this last work only for the theme "Water" for my next show in July, that will take place in Vasto ..goto
grazie mille! mi fa davvero molto piacere, spero di organizzare una miapersonale in questo anno, potrebbe essere un occasione per te per rivenire a Roma. xo
bellissimo! congratulations! ..goto
Sorry for my terrible language errors (grEat, I thinK, etc :-) my terrible english. ..goto
Thank you Patricia.. I learn English listen other people! Only French in the old italian high school! ..goto
Ciao Maria, il senso del limite, proprio quello volevo raggiungere e leggendo il tuo commento noto con piacere che ci sono riuscito :-) ..goto
The Blurred and The Transits series come from the daily life, never from an exceptional source, they come from places that have been seen one time after another, always with a short glance, never payi ..goto
I like it ! grat! is it a photo? ..goto
» The Blurred and The Transits series come from the daily life, never from an exceptional source, they come from places that have been seen one time after another, always with a short glance, never p ..goto
Thanks Jacques, in the dark there is what we are incapable of observing.. ..goto
bella immagine! ..goto

Arnold Leventhal
Referring to Kagan's new posts on his studio log - nothing can bring me out of my shell like Kagan's coloring outside the lines! Those three sketches...
but careful, you may find yourself on the  ..goto
You have a deft hand with wet in wet technique. I have a fondness too for such emotive, 'alla prima' creation. Yet I wonder why the work has to be so specific in its subject, that is a chair, or flowe ..goto
Raymond, in your comments on the question 'why make Art'you have articulated very accurately the uncertainties, vaguaries and challenges to be faced when one choses the 'life in Art'.
As one goes  ..goto
Toni, what a wild lyrical touch you have with the brush, and such a wry, amusing point of view. Kagan is right to admire your exuberant talent!What's new?
As an aside to both of you, it is T's w ..goto
Two things, Kagan - first, you're under arrest! Contraveningthe blue laws! I refer to the tendency of red and blue to defract off one another, making them difficult to work with in certain intensitie ..goto
Kagan, i must reaffirm my great pleasure in seeing these 'grappling' paintings in real life! It is an astonishing series of works! The large scale empowers the resonance of the images! I love the razo ..goto
given what I imagine they have been doing, it makes perfect sense for the right foot to be there. ..goto
there you go again...putting yer reds in front of yer blues..and the lamp, I don't care about the lamp, i want more of what's dead center!
Looking back 30 years i see how long i rassled with the p ..goto
J.C.Leyendecker ..goto
Seriously, Kagan, think of yerself as being in...mid-career...there's plenty of time for you to become a competent colorist! ..goto
Now you're starting to get somewhere, Kagan! ..goto
Something very familiar about these pieces Michael. I appreciate the raw, rough, almost 'Automatiste' qualities, and the rude combining of media! ..goto
Isabella, your expression is carried so fully by your line, your 'hand' alone, that the figuration is almost unnecessary to help me understand!
I particularily like June 2006. And since then?
Very convoluted comments JP. For a moment i thought i was reading Kagan! Little internet humor there - do we really know to whom we speak? Is Kagan really a 25 year old female artschool undergrad?
If there were no Hanjo, we'd have to invent him! One thing i like about this site is the surprise, the comments appearing from all directions and points of view. Just as one thing i like about the wor ..goto
Isabella, after commenting on your work I found the more recent pieces in your studio log. Once again I am astonished and even afraid at the heat and violence of your expression. Your palette of black ..goto
The eight or nine pieces in this series were done without brushwork. I used knife and stick, a comb, and did some nasty adjustments with a rubber mallet. The surfaces are hugely textured, the canvasse ..goto
This for JP - I often go back to your studio log to visit the painted hospital twenty- something artist pictured there. Something comforting about that environment,and i like the paintings. I like the ..goto
an exciting selection of works - very skillful capture of light. post a drawing too, perhaps. ..goto
Bravo Markus! You are firmly embedded in the heart ( and soul) of ABEX painting. Glop it on and scrape it off! Oh Yeah!
And since? ..goto
Karen, I am most comfortable with this piece when I see only the bottom third, that is, in this fragment alone you are closest to realizing your intentions. I greatly enjoy your masterful way with bru ..goto
As always, Karen, I am humbled by the passion of your writing about Painting.
I am paper to your fire.

Kristina Lycke
Dear Hillel: lesson or not what you say is true, I simply take it as something real . . . the party is open to everybody of course, let’s hope to get drunk all together. And I wouldn’t mind insisting ..goto
Jp are you trying to join our fan Club?  ..goto
How beautiful, the energy and its story. I dey like this.  ..goto
I called Hillels's comment ...... I need to understand what i'm doing.  ..goto
There must be something in the words Hillel uses to describe paintings......the right words, always, powerful words. Bellissimo ! ..goto
Philip K. Dick would say to Michael Corleone:
“There is no route out of the maze. The maze shifts as you move through it, because it is alive. ”

Dear Hilel, I hope this email also finds ..goto
Grazie Luigi per il commento.
. . .. understanding of words, their associated meanings, and their power to influence and control the human psyche would one day become an important obsession for B ..goto
Thanks JP. Today was probably the first time i looked at this under the sun, during daytime and it appeared to me as something completely new and finally also the photo taken shows more about it. It ..goto

“Don't play what's there, play what's not there”.
Miles Davis
Your art, if you allow me, seems to be of this nature, able to play like yourself.
Hillel you haven't been to Cuba yet? I'm sure you'd enjoy it. They love old cars and if doctors can't help you can always try with santeria ...... :-)
Hanjo ! my goodness you scared me ! First time I saw this I thought it was the face of a dead man. Second time I look at it . . . again it’s scary . . . . . third time . . . I got it ! : it’s a clo ..goto
Dear Mr. Kagan, since you are awake now . . . . I wanted to communicate to you that I am your fan, yes yes . . . . . even when you sleep . . . . .
I have been thinking which of your paintings I ..goto
It just happens that i don't have a studio and so i paint in my small kitchen on the floor. When this happens i take my suitcase where i keep colours and paint brushes from the balcony, i put on som ..goto
This has some african tribal touch ....  ..goto
I sent Hillel an email saying i wanted to show the painting. He must have felt obliged ... Perhaps ....... ..goto
And now what do I do? .... Seems the expression ..goto
I am the painting, I am the painting . . . and I’m coming . . . . . . !!!
I enjoyed this studio log too much Titus it was like sitting back and watching “hawkers” happen. Can I imagine that all ..goto
Bellissimo! ..goto
Wonderful Patricia ! ..goto
The painting has been finished in it's frame. I never bothered taking the canvas out of it, only to twist it upside down, yesterday. I dislike frames too but that's where it is and i guess it's the ..goto
che bello - this reminds me of some places ..goto
Dear Hilel, unfortunately I am real and our fearless leader didn't really plan this and more than that I don't even think he can control all this at this stage. So the S is really meant to come from s ..goto
"Many years ago, I climbed the mountains, even thought it is forbidden. Things are not as they teach us; the world is hollow, and I have touched the sky." — From a dying Star Trek character.  ..goto

interesante el concepto, te felicito ..goto
definitivamente,me gusta, la composición es muy bella ..goto
la maestría radica en su sencillez,felicidades ..goto
muy bella obra.....felicidades ..goto
una composición éterea, me gusta ..goto
guauuu, que belleza!!!!!,te felicito ..goto
bellisima obra....felicidades++++++++++++++++++++++ ..goto
muy buena obra, te felicito ..goto
me gusta mucho tu obra, ¡¡¡¡es muy vasta y de excelente calidad!!!!! ..goto
impactante, el trazo revela un gran oficio....... ..goto
muy buena obra...... ..goto
es una obra de gran calidad, yo la recomiendo  ..goto
me una gran obra ..goto
muy interesante tu obra....felicidades ..goto
me gusta la obra...felicidades ..goto
buena obra...... ..goto
me gusta...buena obra.... ..goto
que gusta ..goto
Nueva York te favorece mucho,tu obra es de muy buena calidad  ..goto
guauu!!!, me gustan todas,te felicito ..goto

Jim C
JP, I think most people generally associate small with intimate-intellect, and large with physical-sensual, but those are really just generalities.Each work is a totally new experience, even when one  ..goto
and Antique section........soory got cut off.....Cortland ..goto
Hi JP..I understand the space issue. I work in our apartment. You may have noticed the size of the works I've been putting up on the site..5 x 7 inches. You can stock a lot of cards that size in a sma ..goto
Hi Kagan, I hope you don’t mind me addressing you by using Kagan. I just like the sound of the name. Fraternity, strands, spot, these are fantastic words, and you’ve used them in an artful coherent wa ..goto
I try not to look for myself in other painters. This allows me to appreciate the widest possible range of creative endeavors, and to continue growing as a spirit. I'm always delighted when I encounter ..goto
Hi Alex, I like your spacial exploration,and the color is very tuned in. if you don't know the work of the Austrian Karl Korab especially is silkscreen stuff look him up on Google, or go to the german ..goto
There's a wonderful exotic ceramic feel to this one........! ..goto
Hi Wrenn, its obviously very hard to see the textures in this piece, but there's something about it which eminates a very whole feeling. it reminds me of Severini, but also of Pollack, but at the same ..goto
Hi Sunny,
One inch = 2.54 centimeters.
7" = 213.36 centimeters, so your painting is 213 x 213 centimeters. Hope that helps........ ..goto
Hi JP, Yes, I did see the date... the work holds up especially the right side which is truly excellent.....!Size,well I guess most young artists want to explode out into space especially when most of  ..goto
I'd be interested in seeing how this idea might look worked in an upright position...There's got to be a technically easier way for you to progress with this kind of work..resin..Nikki etc...... ..goto
There's a lot of Henry Moore in this piece. I really like the sensual femine quality. You'd probably have to get rid of the grit, but this would also be a fantastic marble, or bronze piece....... ..goto
Very Strong...... ..goto
Hi JP,

Have you thought of doing this kind of thing in plaster, or resin in order to eventually do bronzes.......... ..goto
Hello Alessandro, I was quite taken by this image. It reminded me of the traces I often used to see in the sand on California beachs where I grew up. Quite striking.........Bravo......Cortland ..goto
Kagan, this is great painting. There's plenty of painting history here, but the blur of today is uniquely contemporary....! Bravo.......! ..goto
Hi JP. I really like this drawing. Its original but it also walks in the Futurist- Early Duchamp "Nude Descending A Staircase" hallway. Cortland ..goto
Yes, one can see Bacon, but this work has more life to it. Something here is reaching out, coming forward. Excellent painting....! ..goto
Terrifing, Powerful, Painful,............Art......! ..goto
Well you've got me laughing about this cutting things up stuff. Years ago when I lived in the middle of France I stretched this huge canvas in my studio, and then worked on it like hell for months. T ..goto

Patricia Carmo
i love that one!i wonder if you have developed a whole series of it. i'd love to see it live though...reminds me of polke a little bit!  ..goto
i like these coffins a lot!i like also very much the way you develop your sculptures on metal wire! ..goto
art trap...look j-p, there is this guy who's a teacher at the art school in hamburg who worked a lot just doing traps. one link si here:
[LINK] ..goto
looks really good! ..goto
beautiful colors! and huge format! ..goto
this is an excellent image/sculpture, i wonder what meaning it would 'acquire' if you kept on researching this big, soft material, apart the problems you've got with neighbours, landlords and kids , u ..goto
Hi Hillel, long time no hear but many thoughts. I suddenly looked at this painting and thought that reflections on materials really draw your attention, so I fancied you could enjoy looking at murano  ..goto
hi john-paul and enrique! this srawing is about the idea that we, inhabitants if this planet, are simply "filters" attached to a chain where all the other beings are also filtering, cleaning. the smal ..goto
"Working on art is nice, but it's a hell of work" could be a translation of a German expression Christina uses a lot. I think we all have our very productive times, and our "inside, invisible" product ..goto
sorry, i wanted to say 'uncombed heart', not hair... ..goto
i see kind of an uncombed hair here...this image ould look aggressive but it doesn't...white, red and black are the colours of the 'the godess', the representation of the matriarchal godess;fascinati ..goto
what a brilliant painter/artist your are!breathtaking! congratulations for your work! ..goto
hi ilona! excellent work! congratulations! ..goto
wow!excellent pencil drawing too! ..goto
hi wrenn, you might like to see the work of this artist
specially the paintings of the ""item"" series.
nice work! ..goto
i like a lot the idea of working with found objects. i haven't started my series yet but it will probably soon. dirty white papers on the floor are my passion...with shoeprints or car prints! there's ..goto
Saying it in another way, Karen, I love these landscapes-portrait- paintings! They are really like nudes paintings! Maybe that's what you commented on the other painting, that you've spent a long peri ..goto
very nice pencil touch! there's this italian guy, valerio berutti you might like to get to know his work!
[LINK][/LINK]  ..goto
Dear Hanjo, "The work with the little beds is an installation made of 16 beds, eachone measuring about 10x15 cms 7 high. They were exhibitied in Torino at the MUSAE edition 2006."
This is what San ..goto
i like that a lot; how big are they? ..goto

Schirinzi Claudio
BIg horse in a invisible space. Wonderful colours. Schirinzi Claudio ..goto
Caro J Paul mi puoi dire dopo quanti anni si possono usare spot radiofonici a fini artistici? grazie Claudio ..goto
complimenti per la suadente atmosfera che aleggia nell'immagine,very soft.claudio schirinzi ..goto
ciao,complimenti per il tuo lavoro, vorrei chiederti un favore: non riesco a inserire la foto del mio lavoro.. tu come hai fatto? ti prego di una risposta.. grazie mille ciao P.s. la mia e-mail è schi ..goto
ciao Antonio mi sai dire dopo quanti anni si possono usare spot radiofonici per usarli al fine d'arte? grazie infinite Claudio

Trovo l'immagine estremamente italianizzante ed interessante. Claudio Schirinzi ..goto
Dear Paul,your pictures seem to be installed in a real big Art Gallery, like when i was in Brixton A:Galleri in Sout London in 1983. Congratulation, anyway.

Caro J Paul mi puoi dire dopo quanti anni si possono usare spot radiofonici a fini artistici? grazie Claudio ..goto
colori vividi in una trance psichedelica tuta giocata sulla fluidità. claudio schirinzi ..goto
A volte servono le immagini come le tue chiare e riflettive di come è fatta la nostra realtà, la dipingo in ugual maniera essendo anch'io un ex illustratorepubblicitario ..goto
incredible,only very few people to look at your astonish worksThe taste are so strange,la gente a volte a la maschera davanti agli occhi!Congratulations ..goto
la tua caro J Paul e' una vera esplosione per dissetare la sete dei tempi moderni. Ci si potrebbe anche mangiarla a fette oltre che a berla. Buona digestione! ..goto
Ciao Ignazio, un bell'esempiodi neo futurismo ai colori caramellati soft. Mi emoziona la freschezza dell'esecuzione. A cosa pensi quando li realizzi?. Claudio ..goto
Caro Luca mi pioacciono i tuoi lavori per come assembli i maateriali di arte povera che la fai divenire arte ricca. Claudio ..goto
Ciao Lorenzo esistono ancora i grandi! Ti mandero' un commento al più presto. Ciao Claudio ..goto

Gaspare Adamo
Opera vista dal vivo, molto apprezzata. La lettura dell'opera può partire o dalla zona d'ombra verso la luce o viceversa; in ogni caso vi è una graduale presa di coscienza della realtà di cui l'Arlecc ..goto
Ok, JP. Anche a me piace l'immediatezza dell'immagine; su questo non ho inteso discutere. Nell'opera però ci sono quattro colori, quindi si poteva fare una scelta diversa. Ad ogni modo, il quadro è "d ..goto
Personalmente, avrei usato una tinta diversa per indicare lo sguardo. Oppure addirittura evitato il particolare, che appare come un segno grafico poco aggraziato; orientare meglio gli sguardi delle du ..goto
Lettura un po' complessa, quella di I.B.
A mio avviso, l'opera è molto più semplice e snella. Letta nella sua espressività cromatica, acquista molto più valore che non a voler rintracciare sogget ..goto
Mi sto lasciando guidare dal commento di Lucia, per rileggere l'opera. Non mi è sufficientemente chiaro se l'alone di luce al centro sia dovuto a un riflesso del flash per fotografare il quadro oppur ..goto
Sì, si potrebbe. Basta organizzarsi. ..goto
La struttura e lo spessore cromatico, la delicatezza unita alla potenza del tratto, rendono questo dipinto emblema dei processi del pensiero. ..goto
Che trionfo! ..goto
Commento l'opera con dei miei versi.


Ad un tratto, la luce
irruppe nel silenzio buio.
E fu l'esultanza radiosa.

S'aggrappò agli angoli più nascosti..goto
Osservo l'opera. Subito mi "esplode" come tridimensionale, nell'astrattezza si percepisce comunque una visione prospettica. Centro dell'opera, una croce piuttosto che una partizione in quadranti, come ..goto
Ormai, questo è uno stilema stabile in MF: accenno dei tratti, colori essenziali, luce. Non è possibile circoscrivere la potenza espressiva di questa ottima sintesi. ..goto
Semplicemente affascinato dall'impatto visivo che si produce nei forti contrasti e nei movimenti netti delle simmetrie. ..goto
Osservo con attenzione quest'opera, immaginando di poter rilevare al tatto la matericità del colore, cosa evidente da luci e ombre della foto; ma le luci e le ombre sono già protagoniste del dipinto n ..goto
Fiducia, tra individui che evidentemente fanno parte di una macchina complessa: la persona, chi è la persona se non un uomo tra gli altri che sa dare e ricevere fiducia? Nei brillanti colori usuali de ..goto
Tecnica interessante, ricorda quasi Jean-Michel Basquiat e la sua tensione esplosiva radicata nella quotidianità più tangibile.
Da indagare... A chi rivolge lo sguardo questo volto? A cosa pensa?  ..goto

khairy hirzalla
molto bello!  ..goto
rich imagination ..goto

زج الاصالة والحداثة بنجاح واضح ..goto
impressive work expression voicing shorthand wonderful human attributes case ..goto
in this painting the high sensitivity make 3Dimension
I can to touch the lump do you try some day making sculpture beside painting,
also the looking is wonderful expression and turn me ..goto
الروح الشرقية و�
وسيقاها الرائعة صداها في اع�
الك شكرا اخي اح�
د و�
زيدا �
ن الج�
ال  ..goto
dear john
simplicity... no suspicion An interesting outcome spirit spread in your work, you are playing and that is the point. thank you ..goto
Hi Maria
thanks for your comment I respect your opinion
you shall find more soon ..goto
it is an art
thank you ..goto
السجاد الشرقي والحرف العربي �
صدر غنى اكيد استخدا�
ذكي  ..goto
rely...... molto bello ..goto
rich color and courage subject return to childhood color  ..goto
intelligent shorthand unique work
thankyou ..goto
Dear john Paul
My work is somewhere between reality and abstract. I found reality is boring, so I decided to paint in that area. I think this style convey my feelings to people smoothly and stim ..goto
intelligentshorthand unique work


Gigi Dasovich
Maybe it's just me but My parents are dead and the houses demolished .Even James Joyce couldn't keep them standing.
is loaded and not the kind of thing one says casually like: the snot-green sea ..goto
I think the woman's head is tilted back in order to relax her neck muscles so that she can "cat nap" without the jolt of her head falling forward, and thus disturbing her quiet space. Try as I did, I  ..goto
well then! ..goto
btw, that looks like a ver crusty and uncomfortable bra ..goto
Good to see you here! ..goto
and ..goto
" too many years working in isolation, comfortably making me lazy, I'm not prepared like I used to be to adequately answer those observations. "

was someone twisting your arm? ..goto
This bread is the result of a "process" that you haven't credited. And, clearly is too yeasty. ..goto
this needs an edit button for those who don't quite get it right the first time-- the "snot-green sea" is a reference from the first or second page of Joyces's Ulysses, as Mulligan was shaving and lo ..goto
Each is portrayed with eyes shut. Do they not want see each other or anything? Or, do the individuals not want to be seen? Or, an expression of Jung's Collective Unconscious? The mostly blue color of  ..goto
I want to plug it in, and start it up! ..goto
maybe your wife needs a bigger house ..goto
I am sorry for your loss Vincenzo.
I think you have captured how your sense of loss felt in this picture. I don't see the anger, or the accusing stare Paul speaks of; I see the loss, and what tha ..goto
Hiya Paul,
No, I don't think you do, not as artists, nor as any other titled pursuit. Roles, and duties are acts that are only meaningful if you believe they are. In the same way, if a matheticia ..goto

Massimiliano Ferragina
La storia di questa opera ha un nome e un cognome...opera commissionata da una mia carissima amica, pensata per lei, ispirata da lei...grazie per il commento. MF ..goto
Davvero bravo, leggo anche una certa forza nella stesura del colore che dona vita all'opera...complimenti! Massimiliano  ..goto
ho visto le tue nuove opere, direi affascinanti, emozionanti...quella che mi ha colpito è quella che chiami "uomo giallo", a me ricorda la cacciata dal l'Eden...e qull'uomo a me sembrano due in uno (d ..goto
Anche a ne è piaciuto il commento di Lucia, la luce centrale non è voluta però anche se il quadro ha un effetto di superfice traslucido, come cerato, comunque davvero grazie la vostra interpretazione  ..goto
Grazie davvero Gaspare per quello che attraverso le mie opere riesci a vedere...continua mi raccomando!!! MF ..goto
Inserisco il commento inviatomi sulla posta privata da una mia amica che portonel cuore:
Carissimo Max...
E poi l’uso dei colori, i tuoi colori preferiti, o forse i tuoi colori rappresentativi ..goto
come promesso…. Mi sono piaciute molto le tue nuove opere, davvero, e sono felice di vederti di nuovo “on line”, in competizione e pieno di entusiasmo!!!
da una lettera di AC...
Ho visto un ar ..goto
Questa è un'opera a cui sono legato particolarmente, anche se non è più con me. Mi complimento davvero per la poesia, colore e versi che si fondano, sarebbe bello organizzare qualcosa dove la poesia  ..goto
L'opera ormai appartiene ad una collezione privata, ma il soggetto "l'uomo chino" da me individuato rappresenta il mio punto di partenza nell'indagine artistica che cerco di portare avanti. Grazie per ..goto
Grazie a tutti voi per i commenti su questa opera...dal momento che piace vi do qualche informazione in più. La tela misura 60x120 ed è abbastanza carica, la base è vernice tempera, si quella dei muri ..goto
Nel quadrante in basso a sinista (nella parte inferiore)) percepisco un volto
di profilo,una figura (nella parte rossa), delle mani unite verso il basso
(come a mantenere l'acqua quando la s ..goto
Carissimo in realà la tecnica usata si ispira al décollage. Il décollage è una tecnica artistica che consiste nel procedimento opposto al collage. Invece di aggiungere degli elementi all'opera, si par ..goto
Caro Gaspare I.B. è un nostro collega...complesso conoscendolo gli appartiene!!! MF ..goto
La dimensione onirica di quest'opera la rende attraente, le tracce bianche tendono al centro pulsante come idee che attratte dal dio Demiurgo cercano un ordine impossibile, questo moto verso l'alto ge ..goto

merlin keating
i love the sterility of these photos. the colours work well and the fact there are no people in the scenes gives great depth to the scenes. well shot, well, executed. the style is fantastic. yo,ve a  ..goto
i think marina is very talented. i love the cartoonesque paintings.
full of life energy and honesty. wicked. ..goto
photography is my passion. this is a great piece. beauty mixed with vulnarability and form. i would like to chat with rachel about photography if she would contact me. ..goto
i apologise for not reading the materials section. your painting are so good i thought they where photos. i congradulate your work. ..goto
please will someone rate and review my work??!! ..goto
i love the dark sexual content of this piece.i enjoy the colours and the stormy organic word describes this piece, "primal". great. ..goto ..goto
> many thanks for your comments.
> in some ways i agree with your comments,but if as
> artists we do not
> communicate, how can we grow ,find new concepts and
> ideas? i think its good ..goto
thanyou all for your comments.
the fact that i asked for a review, in itself sparked off many comments,thoughts and ideas. great. ..goto
interesting but where are the rest of your photos? ..goto
this is beautiful.the colours,textures and the trickery. i love it . thanks. ..goto
this is great. its like something from judge dredd. i could imagine an exhibition just on this stylised subject. explore more. great. ..goto
i think your approach is fantastic,eye catching,provockative and fresh. wow.! ..goto

pk kelly
This painting has the quality of a lino print . do you make prints ? ..goto
You can't have all the sweets in the shop you have to stick with one or two from my own personal experience. I realised that I wasn't going to live forever . So I stopped making 3d work quite a whil ..goto
Take a look at the work of Lidia Palandino .
Well done. GREAT to see you have survived . I do love your work .The Italian ,what do they know. Why would that stop you is it not the nature of the artist to rebel , to go against convention . The ..goto
Paul I love you work great , your sense of humour creeping in to your 3D work.

I particularly like the paintings that report on a social / political encounter with the world.

The wo ..goto
Paul .Keep painting. Get that dialogue going between you and your materials . It's not really a game. We all have demons to deal with every day .
Happy days , if you have your health you can do  ..goto
I don't think that GC was near the same age as you . I think he was much older .

So glad that to see that you are making something that makes some sense .
Great work you have made a br ..goto
You can see some of my work on my website if your interested .I will look out for new work from you soon . Some really good artist on this site .  ..goto
I get it . Read your comment about the piece . Materials??????? Concept???????? not doing it . Empty breasts. course fabrics . You went with the bra and forgot about the breasts . Wrong materials you ..goto
A bit of Francis Bacon ? ..goto
Take a look at the work of Lidia Palandino .
Catherine called today.I showed her your work she said "God that's really good". she remembered you did you go to Pat's?
My parents are dead and the houses demolished .Even James Joyce couldn't ..goto
Check out the Helix Theatre, Dublin 11
They will allow you to show your work FREE of charge . The take a 15% commission on what you sell . If you sell nothing you pay nothing.As people don't drink ..goto
It's been a while .Nothing new then .
A bit stick myself but that's ok.
Did G.C take any of your paintings , there should be resale rights on them .That person has died a while ago now .  ..goto

Beautiful words. Thank you very much. I just hope my painting will match your words.

I have found that most people engaged in this work are extremely perfectionist. When we finished a paint ..goto
Thanks for your comment and sorry that I have not answered before. I have had a lot of things to do and little time to do them. Unfortunately the communication in English takes me some time, something ..goto
Thanks for your comment ..goto
I totally agree with you. In fact, Lord Chandos's disease has been my own illness. It's the old pyrrhonic ἀφασία.

When I had read your comment I have remembered a wonderful little text, “The  ..goto
Discúlpame. Mi pobre inglés puede producir equívocos. Confío en que no te haya molestado la expresión. Escribo en español porque tengo poco tiempo -mañana temprano salgo para Lisboa.
En español  ..goto
I can only say thank you, thank you very much for the effort you made to comment my work, even more because you took the task to translate it into Spanish. It’s really nice, although it is not necessa ..goto
I apologize for making use of philosophical words –I see that nothing, as cryptic as it might be, escapes the Abbot.
Long time ago philosophers also warmed my mind and I had to use hot water ... t ..goto
I missed your contributions in AP, but I see that was worth waiting.

Thank you very much for sharing with us your Karl´s picture. It is a face that conveys great energy. It is very strong in  ..goto
Beautiful, Karen! Ya sabes lo que opino de tus últimas marinas, pero quiero decirlo aquí públicamente. La fotografía no les hace justicia. Hay que verlas y sentirlas físicamente. En tu última exposic ..goto
Dear Maria,

Based on your words in the comment, I get the idea that you don't find it important that the painter has an emotive connection with the motive. Van Gogh had it- you will agree. Ex ..goto
I'm so glad that you have broken your vow of silence, especially because although some of us are silent, we like to listen.

The other day I read a few words of Richter I would like to share  ..goto
Beautiful, Karen! Beautiful model and beautiful picture! ..goto
Thank you, thank you very much for your encouragement, master. I do not know if I was eloquent enough, but your visit was so so nice to me. I had so much fun that I am prepared to repeat whenever you  ..goto

Canonico Costantino
Molto raffinato . Canonico Costantino ..goto
Un uome dorme accanto alla sua coscienza . Canonico ..goto
Powerfull!The man is tryng to get a exit point .Pure existentialism . Regards . Canonico Costantino ..goto
Tutte questa opere sono un canto alla dimensione del vero SACRO . Bravissima . Canonico Costantino ..goto
As an horizontal crucifixion !Splendid!Regards . Canonico Costantino ..goto
Lavori interessanti in quanto molto inquietanti e percepiti dentro di noi . Canonico ..goto
Interesting and beautiful works .Canonico ..goto
Icredibilmente e tragicamente bello . Sei una vera artista che può dare molto in questa società esangue . Ti sento moltissimo vicina . Ciao Canonico Costantino ..goto
Questa on è una donna che pensa ma il PENSIERO STESSO .Canonico ..goto
Non è la luce a colpire questo volto , è il volto a diffondere la luce , come un sogno segreto .Canonico ..goto
Immagine tragica come quelle di Soutine .Canonico ..goto
Una sintesi e una immediatezza encomiabili. Canonico Costantino ..goto

gheorghe lungu
good work
congratulations ..goto
good work
congratulations ..goto
good work
congratulations ..goto
good work
congratulations ..goto
good work
congratulations ..goto
good work
congratulations ..goto
good work
congratulations ..goto
good work
congratulations ..goto

david byrne
Hello Hanjo,
Paul is doing a great job building the interview application nere on Artprocess, I think it will attract much attention if enough people get to know about it.
By the way your work ..goto
I extend a hearty handshake to you and long may it last.
I for one would love to read the interview you did with Paul. Even if one knows the main details of someone’s history, listenin ..goto
Ha ha , you could call the site "The Dead Artists society". Why did it die, reading the comments and following the links was so interesting.
Here's another parody name "The silence of the Artists" ..goto
Paul, just another thought. The two-way conversation could be another subsection on the site under podcasts where you have titles like “JP Delaney and Hillel discuss Futurism, Cubism and the impact of ..goto
Astute observation Paul. Your right it was a sketch for a sculptural work that I never made because of production obstacles etc. The etc. part is that I could never feel that I could quite envision it ..goto
Ok for your first question, the link is an attempt to realize my dream location or place. My dream place pun!
Again you are hitting the right nails when you say I regard CGI as simp ..goto
Please, please, please make me one of the selected artists that you want to sell, I need the pocket money :)
On a more serious note I think it would do no harm to put a donate button on artprocess ..goto
Your work is very accomplished. In it I was reminded of Giacometti, Caravaggio, Edward Hopper, David Hockney and a lot by Francis Bacon.
I’m impressed, well done.
Very nice to meet you Hillel.
Much of what you say resonates for me. I think Paul will attest to this because it’s how we both first met in the eighties. We were recommended to each other by an ar ..goto

Now I don’t know who to believe you Paul who says no interview took place or you Hillel who send me an alleged copy of the interview? We if it’s a fabricated interview it’s a pretty damn convinci ..goto
LOL Paul, you remind me of Frank Spencer in "Some mothers do have em" where he declares that he is a "Failure", you can see it here:
Its hilarious!< ..goto

Nù Metra
very beautiful works ..goto
beautiful work ..goto
I really like your style ..goto
Your works are intense and fantastic ..goto
very beautiful ..goto
marvellous ..goto
eautiful ..goto
beautiful ..goto
incredible ..goto
beautifull ..goto

teresa a mills
I love your lampladies! ..goto
hi hillel, love your work here, i find it realistic ina kind of slightly hallucinatory other words more real than real! i find something of francis bacon in your work,but i mean that in a posi ..goto
hi mariusz, love your fragmented figures, these two especially and the way they appear disjointed, pieced together using opposing materials. ..goto
love your style. .and this painting..sums up the beauty of love lost..better to have loved and lost than to have never loved! ..goto
thank Hillel for your comments. yes kafka metamorphosis was an inspiration to me also cronenbergs naked lunch ..goto
I love these little beds too! and yes i agree with Hanjo,their fragility reminds of the fragility of the human in such places as hospitals  ..goto
hi John-paul. when I first saw these works of yours I thought they were made of rubber! they have that sheen or finish to them. I still cant seem to get that out o my head even though I realise now th ..goto

florio pozza
Peacefull,delicate... ..goto
strong,ironical and very smart!  ..goto
Una meraviglia ! ..goto
Between material and spiritual... ..goto
colori in armonia con forza ..goto

Mirek Antoniewicz
John – Paul, thank you for nice words too. My photo /on Town Place in 1959/ is inspiration for my pictures. After 50 years living memory is back rear /see example Amarcord Federico F./ and my cycle o ..goto
I'm inviting to see few impression
[LINK][/LINK] ..goto
hallo Hillel, I feel every time your painting ... thank you ..goto
hello, thank you very much for opinion. I think about mu childhood very symbolically . And I like words L.Bourgeois "My childhood never lost its magic, never lost its mystery and never lost its drama" ..goto
My generale reflection:
yes I'm happy...because I'm 70 % paralised after crash on motocycle
and all moments my contact with my public and moments of showing my pictures is my holly days. ..goto
Hillel, Your estimate is very important for me becouse as you are good and mature painter. I know your creation and I respect your expression. My english is most simple soo... sometime would meet (fac ..goto
Dear Maria, thank you very much for your attention ...
...sorry for my long respond ...
Yes, I'm after three independent individual exhibition ...

17 September - Museum in Usti nad Or ..goto
Thanks for nice words and finish please. For the first time is these photo and have spoken about wheelchair. I think It's good theme for wizards :) ..goto

. hilary
i like the way the horse`s gold shoes are echoed in the girl`s pink shoe
lovely work
really makes you think of scale and size
hilary ..goto
i love this piece, i feel like i`m swaying back and forth, sometimes catching a clear view, when other times the details are lost to me...
nice shapes and flow too...

i like it..goto
i like this one, the colours are great ..goto
i have put a link to your website on my website because i think your art is amazing and beautiful ..goto
john-paul, it has been eleven months since my boyfriend left, but i know he's still near... and your mother is still with you... ..goto
john paul, egon schiele is my favorite painter... it think he's amazing... have you seen the work of paul kerr? he's an irish artist who has some works in the apollo gallery in dublin... those are my  ..goto
thank you Kazuaki... the black is where he lives, the red is the pain i live in... sometimes i think i could go there... but my paintings won't let me go... ..goto
I think this is a great work,
i love it ,
perfect, ..goto

Doug Kinsey
very subtle...speaks of elegnace ..goto
your space is so open. quite compelling with a strong sense of invitation! ..goto
good to see such a strong painter her Lothar! ..goto
smolders in magic like a summer dream ..goto
recently saw your work featured on absolutearts Thomas. It's a pleasure to see your sensitive images here! ..goto
striking piece! ..goto
long live the bull. ..goto
your space expands! ..goto

Lothar Neumann
I like this artwork.... ..goto
its one of my favorites... ..goto
a good artwork i like it ..goto
...good... ..goto
wow ..goto
auguriiii ..goto
a good artwork... ..goto
Hallo John- i like your works very much.
Thanks for nice comment- you're gentle... greetings ..goto

antonio sammartano
Ciao Mario, quando ho appreso che non eri più tra noi, una grande tristezza mi ha avvolto ed addolorato, ma sono sicuro che il tuo spirito e la tua energia incredibile faranno da insegnamento a tutti  ..goto
Hello yong,Interesting work! Compliments ..goto
Ciao Joanna
complimenti per le tue opere, le trovo molto interessanti.ciao ..goto
caro jp non avevo notato questo bellissimo lavoro. complimenti.
ma sei a roma o altrove? fammi sapere. un caro saluto da trapani ..goto
complimenti per il tuo lavoro. molto interessante. ..goto
Hello yoon,I like your work. best.
ant ..goto
Ciao Maria, complimenti questo lavoro mi piace molto.Non so perchè ma mi fa ricordare una poesia (?) di Luca Maria Antonini.

siamo fatti per metà di
quello che siamo e per ..goto
non saprei dirti mi dispiace ..goto

zahra shahpori
Excellent. Thank you from the description ..
Time to end months of my university semester exam.I Much like a large figure do painting . ..goto
very nice. ..goto
very nice ..goto
Dear Hanjo
Look at exactly the same painting. Very warm and cheerful colors (red and purple) and cold colors (blue). What these colors with a thought or idea is put on the figure?

It is b ..goto
hi Dear Hanjo

Thank you that I tried to write in Persian language. I've translated your sentences.

I actually wanted to know this very cheerful colors like red and orange and purple ..goto
Thank you very much from the description. Full and interesting answers you said. That is the question why our other figurative?
Ie all that you want from within your expression is summarized in th ..goto
I enjoyed many of your works. The question occurred to me: Why are things so big? ..goto
Your paintings really happy and a variety of colors. Beautiful ..goto

Claudia Vianello
I really like your Art, Lothar! ..goto
Karen, you're brave and I would like to tell you that's
so nice to see a woman painting men - there is an overdose of images of women in our society.  ..goto
nice idea!
wonderful artwork, unfortunatelly the next day the walls were repainted white, but that's what contemporary art is all about: impermanence. ..goto
complimenti! ..goto
mi piace molto, Gianpiero!
la composizione nel totale: le forme e la luce. ..goto
Great! ..goto
It's very nice to see your work on the real size.
It's dynamic! ..goto

good draftmanship, from the eye one can tell the mood and feeling of the unseen body. like to see more of your works ..goto
Baba Olex, good to see your works and am impress, keep on keeping it up ..goto
when i viewed your portfolio, i fell in love with your drawings. good  ..goto
I must give kudos to you for a selfless service to the artworld, thank you.
Art is a universal visual language, never the less of its diverse clasification, i see it as an "individualistic tendenc ..goto
i went throught your portfolio and i smile, thanks for the joy your works reflect on me. would i say its a stylisation, but the foreshortening and draftmanship intrigue me most. ..goto

Nikoletta Delasouda
I can smell the sea!!!! ..goto
twra ton blepw kai mou aresei polu!!! ..goto
I love it!!! ..goto
Maria...Maria...I know her???? Hanjo do you like my BIG friend???
I love it!!! ..goto
Thanks dear Karen!!!!!
But is 49% to me and 51% to Hanjo!!!
The best part in this photo (if you want my opinion) is the gaze!!!
Thanks dear Karen!!!!!
But is 49% to me and 51% to Hanjo!!!
The best part in this photo (if you want my opinion) is the gaze!!!
ok dear Hanjo,I will do it!!!see you soon on Syros!!
kisses ..goto

anka bajurin
grazie ..goto
Killing loop is a part of the nature, don't see anything pesimistic. And if we speak in art terms this element here, called "Killing loop" is a surrealistic element. It would be better if you look fir ..goto
Your view is a little bit dadaistic (pesimistic view on a life after the war that have took place in the art), but my paintings are more surrealistic (optimistic view). ..goto
I have allready made a step beyond. This little stones are just the first part of my exhibition ""Killing loop"". You can see it on web site [LINK][/LINK] . Do you h ..goto
I have seen some of her paintings now(I'm not familiar with her work). My other paintings, exsposed and not exsposed, are making very different path in the art from hers. But I see what you mean. ..goto
Thank you! Well, it has a big history of it's beginnings. It has developed from one whole exhibition that I have practically throw away becouse I wasn't satisfied with it. But whole another exhibition ..goto

Dominique Brunzlik
I like the colors and translucence in this image very much. Best, Dominique Brunzlik ..goto
Nice and captivating!

Best, Dominique Brunzlik ..goto
Fascinating! ..goto
Great originality and expression - it really represents domestication! In which dimensions did you create this artwork? ..goto
Very inventive image and interesting technique! ..goto
Looks like a nice image, but the uploaded resolution seems a bit low. ..goto

vincenzo cignozzi
You do me too much honour to approach my small boards to the amazing Hanjo's works.
Though, i agree with Hanjo's comment to its work representing a couple naked but without faces.
Here i had  ..goto
I try to answer to your interrogation list:

1 “The Death” is a substantive and it is usually presented as an alive skeleton with a sickle , sometime riding an horse, ( think of Durer Death  ..goto
Thanks for the appretiation and glad you are present at art process. ..goto
Thx for the comment,
I may say that this work seems to irritate the people. Exposed during a local art competition did not even receive a notation, a friend of mine having seen the photo and think ..goto
Hi JP,
As it regards the painting, I wanted express the feeling of sadness for the death of a person (not a woman and not young) without resorting to the usual clichés .
On the other hand I t ..goto
Thank you both for the deep comments .
I have submited the photo to some friends and every one has expressed his/her ideas (does the girl come forward or backward; the abyss is like a flower or  ..goto

lisa cigolini
bi_det... una mente diversa dalle altre, inattaccabile.
Lo stupore ormai è raro, per pochi, ma tu invece lo regali a tanti ..goto
A very interesting installation. Good idea! Thanks ..goto
Bene, allora aspetto di vedere quanto prima altre tue opere di questa serie o "progetto".
good idea!
bellissimo il taglio, bella l'atmosfera e il gioco di luci. ..goto
Thanks for your magical style ..goto

Tom Fitzgerald
Apologies for my belated reply, JP.
I seem to be running out of the necessary brain cells for writing, I'm OK doing most other things though (I think).
I've used slate quite a bit in my work o ..goto
I haven't detected too much angst in the Art Process community or have I been reading the wrong comments?
I'll upload some more optomistic images shortly to raise your spirits, John-Paul. ..goto
Thanks for your interest, John-Paul.
I've just joined Art Process (a brilliant site-congratulations) and I'm cross-eyed from manipulating images down to the right size and all that Photoshop stuff ..goto
Well, Maria and JP, I suppose when we comment on another artist's work, we need to be critical but supportive.
We are, after all, responding to an image on a PC screen, not the real thing.
Spe ..goto
Its always interesting to hear another person's take on your work - thanks for that, John-Paul. This piece is not really a description of my inner self though.
It has t ..goto
I looked at Teresa A Mills' work, Maria, and found it very intriguing.As a sculptor myself,I particularly liked her ability to incorporate a wide range of materials and found objects into the work.Its ..goto

eliZabeth Frolet
I like this work, allusive strong and tormented. One the few human figures in your work! ..goto
I am curious to see the real work. I think P.Guston is a great inspiration, because of his apparent simplicity and his real strength. If you are interested you can come over and see my show next sunda ..goto
Gooh homage to Guston, an artist I love! I don't know but it gives a prretty good idea of his spirit! ..goto
I find your work in one of the best in the list. Love the strong shapes, with material and primitive colours.Old and new at the same time! Where do you work? Rome or Sicily? ..goto
Love the drawing! and the message! ..goto
I love the work with linen, material! Very attractive, design like, strong. ..goto

jb krost
I found you on a link somewhere....the work is second to none, you give us all something to aspire too
jb ..goto
these are wouderful, you can alomst feel the softness of her skin......I love all of these
jb ..goto
jb ..goto
these are all great!!
this one is my favorite ..goto
love it
jb ..goto

Tony Mac Cárthaigh
Hello you two...i'm still in the room. Yes i have a scattergun approach to image making and half the time don't know what i'm at. For most creatives taking on board criticism is the last thing they wa ..goto
CRUDO...O its CRUDe alright and all so daring but Mr.Duchamp beat you to it did'nt he ?. His urinal was'nt laughed out of town and even though the emperor had no clothes folks just put the i before co ..goto
... i like the seemingly traditional and graphic elements.. "Rows of Friends Hair" !! well well ... keep us guessing.  ..goto
the depth and scale of this appeal to me. ..goto

Hi, special invitation by the artist to view
We sale arts and pictures.
Thanks and happy viewing.
good one. ..goto
THANK GOD FOR ART..... ..goto
hi titus, keep it up. ..goto
Hi, special invitation by the artist to view
We sale arts and pictures.
Thanks and happy viewing.

Olga Okaeva
Thanks. I like your work. I work as all artists - in studio. But at first I do many sketches. ..goto
super-super....color...composition !
thanks  ..goto
Dear JP,thank you very much for your comment.
You are right, sometimes interesting spontaneous sketches, they sometimes as finished products.They can be works of art.
An example of this, sketc ..goto
tableau très intéressant-J'aime la couleur, la composition et l'idée ..goto
very interesting and concise color-I like ..goto
loved this work-is a character-
---thanks ..goto

Alida Bertinotti
ciao John, questa tua opera mi piace molto! D'impatto, i contrasti dei colori e questo movimento circolare!! ..A presto Alida ..goto
omega, bellissimo, carico di forza espressiva.
Ciao a presto, Alida! ..goto
complimenti Ana le tue opere sono molto belle, colori caldi e soft.  ..goto
colore e vita, senza fine , ricca di risorse e di amarezze, libera di muoversi.
I colori sono vita, forza espressiva, il tuo respiro! ..goto

bruno capestrani
ciao, forse in questo sito puoi dirmi più chiaramente quello che vuoi dirmi.
Io non capisco bene l'inglese, quindi puoi crivermelo nuovamente su
Le tue opere sono molto nuove ..goto
se invece di dirti- questa non è arte- sei piu' contenta se ti dico non sai ancora disegnare?
consolati, non sei la sola tantomeno puoi prenderla come offesa, è umanoin ogni caso se non saidisegna ..goto
scusa, ma questa non è arte ..goto
Probabilmente avete anbedue la coda di paglia.
Comunque sia non ho tenuto presente che stavo criticando persone che sono molto suscettibili e non amano essere criticate. Ma care, le critiche nell ..goto
questo mi èiace molto,specialmentenei colori.
...come mai non rispondi al mio nessaggio??? ..goto

roberta fallon
that's excellent! I hope your real world exhibit comes together..meanwhile did you see I posted something about art process on artblog? here's the link ..goto
Thanks, J-P and keep up the good work! ..goto
oops, guess i can't put a link in. well just go to artblog and look at posts for 6/25/06 and you'll find it. ..goto
hi john-paul, thanks for the comment. yes it was the smithson floating island pix you saw. we loved it and we love to go with out cameras and then share about what we've seen and about what we think ..goto
i like the way this just about marches off the wall. it's got some momentum that reaches out. i also like how hairy it is. at first i though it was cactus! ..goto

Margie Glass
the shapes and colors intrigue me--would like to see some MORE ..goto
The colors move me...the work interests me ..goto
I see anguish....why I'm not sure--- ..goto
surely to see and hear---looks GOOD ..goto
I find it involving...something to wander into...and look around. ..goto

scabs hamilton
i really enjoy this because it captures an emotion. it seems like a lot of artists are too technically concerned that there isnt a lot of facial emotion showing on works. you got this one just right! ..goto
this is so beautiful. i could just sit and look at it for hours; it simply me feel happy. what exactly was used on this? great job! ..goto
this is very dark and inspiring. ..goto

eli McBett
Guardavo il tuo quaderno in questi giorni sul mio scaffale. Mi chiedevo perché non fosse ancora finito come tutti i miei libri e tutto il resto dentro le scatole bianche del mio imminente trasloco. ..goto
The conclusion - oct 2006 - of a period so different but, I guess, so close.
A video to be seen, where possible.
Something close. Internal though.
Heart, and brain, and all the body passin ..goto
hanjo, there was something hidden there that I thought could be said in what I think is my frustration with painting, and it relates to the background in which your bodies pulse. This may give an n ab ..goto
Still from vIdeo Murphy work in progress ..goto
Hi Corbett, I get time now to say hallo where our only conversation out of the pizzeria's toilet door was not that interesting and I also didn't pick up your name there... at least I may see you here  ..goto

Luigi Selmi
This shows how is important what we know about things as said Gombrich. I didn't realize the subject is a woman before reading that the picture was taken in Mali. ..goto
An image is worth 1000 words ..goto
what is the hallucination, being at work or in a mountain? ..goto
"Nothing to say" is a perfect title. Often we do not have words. ..goto
Escaping from a murderer ? ;) ..goto

massimo alfano
molto bello complimentiii!! mi emoziona questo quadro!! ..goto
che belloo! complimenti!..è proprio vera la cosa sugi occhi ..goto
è davvero un iniziativa bellissima!!! anche questo quadro mi piace molto! ..goto
stupendo questoo! complimenti! ..goto

Sheila Brown
I love this work. Congratulations Mauro! From an Irish admirer! ..goto
Really like this, Martina. A real 'teenage feeing. Great facial expression. ..goto
Thank you for your comment, Hanjo.I am really interested in what you say. It is fascinating that this is one of the first that I did with knives, and of the wild flowers. It seems to have a spontaneit ..goto

Patrick Higgins

Thank you very much for your comments on my work.You've left about the most considerate/considered observations that I've had on my stuff since starting up this little on-line prese ..goto

I've of coarse been looking at your images on this site a fair bit since I've arrived as you have one of the strongest voices as a figurative painter here. Your boldness with color use  ..goto

Man, you've got sure a consistent outpouring of material in terms of discussions and and critiques. I really enjoy reading them.By the way, I very much enjoy these images of the grappl ..goto

Thank you for the compliment I was delighted.I have been meaning to respond to you for a while and I apologize for not doing so sooner.

This is a very good pose.I like the cons ..goto

Tobeimean Peter
I really enjoy the dream-like vision of this piece. The chicken reminds me of how Obatala created the world with a pile of dirt and a chicken to scratch it. Bravo ! ..goto
This type of rich & powerful expression of the psychological realm really reaches me, Michael. I'm hoping to see more of these... ..goto
I like this, it reminds me a little of George Grosz and a little of DuBuffet - but still very much your unique vision. Good stuff ! ..goto
This piece is very striking. What medium is it made in ? ..goto

Flavius Pisapia
Nice work, I see a certain intimacy. I wonder how it looks from the side. ..goto
Thank you JP! In my process understanding comes after doing through observation and reflection on the pieces I make. The pieces in my portfolio got their name long after their completion date. I look  ..goto
I find it useful to have different spaces for different things. So far I have a space for clay work and another studio for sculpture. My art process at the moment is to work first in clay and then mak ..goto
Nice one! ..goto

Aine Scannell
I like this one the most from your 5 pieces you have here online at the moment. I like the double opposing profiled figurative form. Perhaps also, because it's the least 'busy' and I think that all ..goto
Michela - wow this is brave work -very intrigueing.....well done. I look forward to seeing more of your artwork ..goto
Antonio why don't you write something about your work. I would like to know what motivates you to make paintings of these for example supermarket trolleys? We could then translate it through babelfi ..goto
On first seeing this work it did make me wonder what it was/is about. Its intrigueing. I would imagine that to methis kind of drawing is probably more interesting than the finished piece. ..goto

Michele Shelton
such expression...fantastic. ..goto
Jean Paul,

Apparently, I cannot walk away for a few minutes without the comment board erasing my comments. Okay, this means I must settle down and reply without any interruption.I wanted to t ..goto
A most interesting process and birthing of collage...would enjoy learning more. Does your work spontaneously evolve, or is it created through a series of preliminary sketches? ..goto
Hillel - as a new member to Art Process, your work is one of the reasons I joined.I find your work lively, expressive, and full of passion. I find faces of interest as well, and I'm especially found o ..goto

The other artworks will be soon ..goto
There is the whole story here.
At first glance, you capture exciting foretaste of interesting adventures in this picture.
Great art always gives something to me as a spectator.
Yes ! this ..goto
! ! ! - I tearfully supplicate and ask FOR HELP from all the artists and collectors of the Earth in maintaining that of my works of art. Since it turned out to be very fragile, but very capriciou ..goto
I know it's not new. And if we are professionals then we must know that Hanjo’s idea is not new either. I had at least two friends who were doing the same in the 80's, in Paris and St. Petersburg.  ..goto

Sayed Alireza Bahrani
Really nice piece... ..goto
Excuse me dear Tony and JP, for the delay in order to write some explanation about this work. ..goto
Threads and traces of people who have become “the other” for me – the others who are not forevermore available and in solitude are combined with each other- bring a monster into existence.
I call  ..goto

emanuela bartolotti
:)...bella bella ..goto

:) ..goto
Bellissima! ..goto

Aviva Beigel
Interesting ..goto
like it ..goto

Elisa Cella
Ciao! Avevo visto i tuoi quadri da Florilegio,
erano ancora lì quando ho montato.
Mi piace molto il tuo lavoro.
Lo trovo molto simile ad una lama che affonda...

Benvenuta!!! belli questi pezzi, questo in particolare.  ..goto
complimenti! Mi piace molto il tuo lavoro, non vedo l'ora di vederlo dal vivo. A Trapani! ..goto

Cayle Chernin
I am familiar with Hillel Kagan's work and I think he is one of the great artists of his time, which is this time. ..goto
oops shoulda spell checked  ..goto
Hillel, I love what you say "afterall it's not life it's paint" - as an actor I am constantly horrified by reality programming..Lee Strasberg said: it's not about being natural, it's 'naturalism' tha ..goto

giovanna colomba
I would like your comments on my sculptures.
I admire your work
Visit my studio log.
giovanna colomba
I would like your comments on my sculptures.
I admire your work very
Visit my studio log
giovanna colomba ..goto
Your paintings are fantastic ...giovanna colomba ..goto

Olga Dmytrenko
I love your works very much.
Wonderful colors. Great abstraction. ..goto
Fantastic! ..goto
Hey, Marc!
I am smiling! Always my pleasure to meet you in cyber space!
Actually I forgot that I have some works here - I don't keep a track where I am in virtually, so it's great you are "st ..goto

Shefqet Avdush Emini
I like your painting very much, it's refreshing and I like the colour, form and imagination. Best regards
Thank you for your kindly reactions.
Hello Abby

It's great when people like my work.  ..goto

Shefqet Avdush Emini, an international recognized artist, is born in Davidovc in Kosovo on 2 June 1957. He studied Visual Arts as a young man at the Art Academy in Pristina (Kosovo ..goto

fionntan fitzgerald
great sense of light ..goto
another beauty with a nice sense of mystery ..goto
very beautifil ..goto

Devoti Giuseppe

Sandra Miranda Pattin
è questo il momento del grande salto... e non ti sei più fermato ..goto
hi teresa, thanks for your comment on my work, i checked out your, looks very strong i specifically like the scenography you have placed them. ..goto
very nice thomas, it has great qualities of a good painting and all the aesthetic of extremely contemporary work...  ..goto

Jacques Montel
Hi John
I was watching your website and i love your work on paper. There is something similar with my work in a way and i dont really know what it is.
A feeling,a combination of what you see a ..goto
Hyesoo.....Great work, i am waiting to see more of your work you do right now. ..goto
So magic!!
Whats in the dark?
Good work as usual Federico. ..goto

Fadwa O
Incredible texture, so life like... I can almost expect the legs to move! ..goto
After seeing your work almost walk out of the screen I have complete respect for your point of view! Absolutely stunning work. As I mentioned art is self expression so some people try to hard to expre ..goto
Thank you so very much J.P. for your comment. You are in fact the first to comment on my artwork! Thank you! ..goto

helen perez
I see pain on it. ..goto
I'm a fan!! ..goto
Love it!! ..goto

sasha mikael pridmore-franz
looks practically like a photograph! I have a hard time finding the telltale pixel break. ..goto
is it a scene from a fritz lang movie? ..goto
crazy techniq & beauty.full ..goto

Kazuaki Sato
確かに絵の背景に何か悲しげなものが感じられました。それはきっと愛する人が遠くに行ってしまったことによるものなのでしょう。 ..goto
dear john-paul,
thanks for your nice comments. if fact, i painted an ancient japanese pot. but, in my imagination, the pot broght back the image of the ancient japanese woman who used to use the p ..goto
赤と黒の対比が印象的です。 ..goto

bayo solarin
Haven't seen it yet but soon come... ..goto
Yet another beautiful work. Captures lagos in all it's crazy technicolour.. ..goto
Great work T. Enjoying it!!! ..goto

hilde soliani
sempre la mia daisy oggi espressa con la fantasia di un sommelier..i cromatismi sono ottenuti dalla follia delle bollicine di un buon vino ..goto
mi piace il mare ,tuffarminelle sue acque blu profonde come la mia nima l
ma sono uno spirito libero che fugge con classe come la mia daisy ..goto
la gioia e la freschezza innocenza di un bambino espressa in questa opera realizzata come se fosse una torta golosissima preparata con tanta panna m ain realtà sono cinque fiori che significano ti am ..goto

David Szafranski
I really enjoy these hyper sterile airport environments, sans people. They are all slick and polished with shiny surfaces, much like hyper-realist painter Ralph Goings. These spaces, airport terminals ..goto
These objects have such a nice textural look, plus the added bonus of being casted from found objects and materials. Very nice work. ..goto
Interesting, a rag rug made from plastic bags and other plastic refuse. I like the rough hand-made quality. ..goto

Denis Taylor
Bacon again? ..goto
yawn ..goto
Maybe a little to much Bacon...try using a new input hero.. ..goto

Salvatore Tomaselli
Molto primordiale.....bello. ..goto
mi piace l antico con qualcosa di medioevale...  ..goto
Trovo i tuoi lavori molto interessanti .Tanto interesse per la violenza e l orrido dietro tanta eleganza pittorica.Mi auguro che conosca un pò di italiano.Buon Natale. ..goto

digirolamo tore
la competizione pittorica in estemporanea è bellissima ..goto

claudio verdoni
mollto bello ..goto

angela viola
Ciao...abbiamo in comune la Galleria Florilegio.
Mi piace in particolare questo lavoro... ..goto
...I like it... ..goto
Questo è il migliore, secondo me... ..goto

enza voglio
is magic! ..goto

mimi yoon
hey, you~
i'm here~
haven't seen this one... nice! ..goto
your art is amazing...
very much alive...
thank you for your comment~ ..goto
i'm a big fan, yong-man C ! ..goto

Ana Zanic
Hi Andy. Your colors are amazing! Such a wonderful use of color!
I like the blurry atmosphere where you have this almost impressionistic depiction of landscape that borders with pure abstraction. ..goto
Very organic, but organized at the same time. I like the richness they posses in spite of their simplicity.
I find your work in a close association with the Art Informel.  ..goto
John-Paul, thank you for your comment. It is always nice to get feedback from fellow artists.  ..goto

kawthar zatar
nice colors ..goto
nice, i like it ..goto
very beautiful work ..goto

Mohammadali Ardehali ..goto
So great!

Please visit us at : ..goto

Tom Assini
Love it! ..goto
Awesome! ..goto

carla biacca
wow, ...e se tocchi un cavo si muovono tutti gli altri... che dici, si va avanti?....grazie ..goto
hi, I apreciate the mouvement that you give at figures apparently statics. thank you ..goto

Italo Buttazzo
bello complimenti!!! ..goto
bello complimenti!!! ..goto

"i colori, come i lineamenti, seguono i cambiamenti delle emozioni" blu è il mare e tutto ciò che racchiude, il bianco l'arrivo a destinazione,il rosso e il giallo la sabbia infuocata, il tutto i ..goto
"la pittura è una poesia che si vede, e non si sente... ..goto

piera campo
ciao antonio, ci sono anche io, adesso, vorrei contattarti presto per un possibile scambio olanda sicilia. dopo febbraio, che ne dici? ..goto
thanx for the support. appreciate it a lot. keep in contact
piera ..goto

Milazzo Carlo
che bel segno ..goto
wow! ..goto

unique new view and i love your concept...... this is a masterpiece!!
keep it up ..goto
hello francien, your work caught my eyes and i love the unique concept keep up the creative fires burning brightly. cheers and GOD BLESS ..goto

david dalessandro
There is a great show of Fra Angelico at the Met right now--just amazing! What makes a great painting is nothing complicated.
To me, painting should have a connection to elements in our life. Sha ..goto
Thank you John-Paul. I'm inspired by Fra Angelico, Rogier van der Weyden, Hans Memling, Persian minature painting, chinese painting, Piero di Cosimo, Uccello, Unicorn tapestries, early Al Held, and ea ..goto

Derek Des Islets
hey man, this looks like some of the stuff that i do, the unknowns of life, i know how they are the cosmos and such, i am happy to see this, im more into the bright colors dig it lets talk ..goto
Maria, your stare captivates me ..goto

Hi Maria, I enjoy speaking with you again. I postulate myself, with your permission, the mascot of the "club of Madrid” which I attended since its foundation in the cafeteria of the Reina Sofia Museum ..goto
Thanks for your nice comment. Sorry that I have not answered before but I have had a lot of work.
I think the great humanity of Esperanza gets expressed even in clumsy hands. Do you know that Espe ..goto

Robert-Willem Dol
Robert, You R an Artist Star. What a portfolio on Saatchi Gallery!! When is you're exhibit in London? I really interested in seeing some of you're powerfull, energetic works (and buy something!!!) Jos ..goto
Robert-W, devastating work you show off! Colours, lines, style; it's really original. Composisition is strong, challenging. Attract, affects me. I'm a fan. Brian. Lancaster.  ..goto

Marc Doutherd
This is also very Impressive!  ..goto
Well Like always Im here and so are you. As Always your work is stunning.One of these days Im gonna have to stop stalking you!(hahaha) ..goto

Petra (Pyro) Engelhardt
ups ..goto
I don't know why but I promise you a great carrier - if this really happens think of me if I am still on this planet - REALLY GOOD ARTWORK _ ..goto

fabrizio ferrari
Cara Kristina, complimenti, mi piace questa visiomne sfuocata e in movimento della vita, è quello che io cerco di ottenere con la mia pittura. ..goto

Tommaso Garavini
hi JP, thanks again!!! Here is the picture... ..goto
I painted it at home, but it is made out of 5 panels (you can slightly see it in this picture). i was really afraid people could get frightened, but everybody remains stoked instead ... I really wish  ..goto

Pino Genovese
interessantissime queste forme e soprattutto il modo fotografico di esporle così a carattere scientifico. io sto lavorando a un "erbario grafico" con la fotografia e l'elaborazione in photoshop. un s ..goto

Lina Golan
Great works Karen.
Dear JP,
Long time no hear!How are you?
Thank you for your kind comments.
Why divers?.. To make a long story short; in my childhood in Ukraine
I was about to drown and rescued by chanc ..goto

Jose Granadillo
Thanks for the comment. Until now (2014) only two works have done in medium format, maybe later work a larger format. Thanks for your comment. ..goto
Grazie per la vostra opinione, non ne so molto italiano, ma più o meno con il traduttore io difendo, vi invito a trovarmi qui in Venezuela retrospettiva intitolata in grado di osser ..goto

russell haworth
dipalles work is like a breath of fresh air. You can almost see her soul in her work ..goto
I love the way the colours almost feel as if they are made from fire itself ..goto

Panayiotis Kaloudis
pisteuw oti autos o pinakas einai enas apo ta kalytera pou exeis edw mou aresei to sxedio sou ,exeis tin ikanotita na pernas apo to fws sti skia me anesi,mou aresei para polu ,episis mou aresei to pai ..goto
friend my [kalispera] you I thank for good your lettered above in my work the stimuli I pass him from the nature, [kyriosapo] air the sea and from various fruits, [kathos] [episeis] I watch the tobacc ..goto

Zoltan Kato
Dear Mimi! I'm impressed with your line drawings... you really have a gidft for this. All the best! ..goto
Hello Tom! This is the only photo which I like from your portfolio, but this I really like. This photo from one hand makes me goose skin, cause a bit of fear (is this a prison?), on the other hand re ..goto

Rainer Landeck
Hallo Hanjo,
thank you for your comment. I´ve seen your pictures, too. And I can say: this is great art. I really would like to see your pictures once in the original. ..goto
Hallo Hillel,
thank you for your nice comment on artprocess.
I can´t say what it is. It is a detail from anythink. I don´t know what is was.
For me it is not so importend. In this case it  ..goto

Ritian Lee

Davis Lisboa
Davis, enhorabuena por tu color, tu movimiento, tu libertad a la hora de crear formas, tu falta de miedo, nunca dejas de sorprenderme porque no dejas de experimentar.

Karen, me gusta tu obra porque es honesta. ..goto

vito maria mancuso
Karen, questo ritratto di Maria è una meraviglia. ..goto
ferma, ferma ferma, forse si perde di vista ke è solo uno schizzo, alla maniera di....Schiele, o ad alcune grafiche di Beardsley. Del resto il lavoro di Mimi Yoon presente nel portfolio, rivela acutez ..goto

Patricia Marcus Curtis
I like your work Federico, especially the blurred color-themed landscapes. ..goto
You are able to make yourself understood so do not apologize. Your English is much better than my Italian - I can only order food, couldn't comment on your art in Italian. Where did you learn Engl ..goto

f n
Muito bom...avante!! ..goto

michael oberlik
I visited your website: great work!
what I like especially, is the idea behind the pictures!
michael oberlik ..goto

olabode olaoluwa
u neva seems 2 stop amazin me wt ur touch of colours, am realy, really proud of u, kudos man,tom up. ..goto
Mi spiace Bruno, non capisco l'italiano come bene, ma le mie opere sono i miei sentimenti più interna, che raffigurano le cose intorno a me, mi diverto d uso di colori accesi e al Liberty 2 me Express ..goto

gary paller
I like this one very much as well! The first two seem less realized. ..goto
beautiful work, great greek color and movement. Very impressive - I'd like to see even more energy. ..goto

elli s.
thanks @ scabs. it was very easy on one hand: the drawing depicts my brother - and on the other hand it was quite a strange experience: while drawing i could both see my mother and my father. the real ..goto
you master texture, light and size. there is absolutely nothing to add, except that i wish i could get anywhere near to what you achieve in terms of texture, light and size ... ..goto

vijay sekhar
Yes she looks happy about being a surviver. But i feel we cannot ignor that physical pain. i personally feel that if you could show the physical pain and also happyness of being the surviver.Just like ..goto
i love this one!!...  ..goto

rajiv sharma
good work
nice expressions.. ..goto

maurizio tedesco zammarano

Erlinde Ufkes Stephanus

Thanks for your compliments! I like to make humorous work... ..goto

Hé Rob! Nu zie ik je hier! Je vosje blijf ik prachtig vinden. Je was zomaar weg bij Exto


Erlinde Ufkes Stephanus ..goto

eugen varzic
Ok, something abou the San Greal!
First of all I would like to tell that San Greal painting is stolen!!
It happend on the exhibition in Pula ( CROATIA ).It was part of the group exhibition ""J ..goto
Here I am!!My second child has been born two days ago!!!A boy, named Ego.Beautiful angel!
About Paris...actually I didn't try to involve into art life in Paris.You need to spend a few years there  ..goto

claudio verdoni
Aveva tre anni. Ed era nato a Kobane, nel nord della Siria. Scappava da una guerra che ha ridotto in polvere la sua città e ucciso migliaia di suoi compagni di giochi. Aylan Kurdi. È questo il nome de ..goto

Jan Willem Versteeg
drawing ..goto
Impressive painting,, very nice brushwork,, Excellent Artistic ..goto

stereotypo Weisbarth Wahler Harmsen
Catturato nella rete
relazioni tra amicizia tedesca e italiana, cliché di relazioni di
ostilitá tedesca e italiana

una sinfonia di parole
un' immagine di suoni
un ambivalente  ..goto
Trapani ArtProcess 2007 - Network - Lutz Wahler, Lars Harmsen, Elke Weisbarth
Caught in the net – clichés and other entanglements from the sea of love and hate between German and I ..goto

my two year old son noted that the half moon (the real one)he was looking at was 'broken'... for me this piece is broken by the moons presence, but otherwise i really like the blending of colours. ..goto

renilde wouters
Hello Maria,about your work in your studiolog,keep going,the colours you are using in this last work are reminding me somehow of the old flemish masters,and the figures don't stand on there own,there  ..goto
deep,rich colours and very beautiful balanced,it really shines,I like it very much ..goto

raquel yunta
i think that your artwork has something special. i specially love "exposure".  ..goto
great artwork!!

Anatolia ...
Greatest one ..goto

nilgun akyol
Shahmeran who most probably may be linked with the snake gods of Mesopotamia, being converted into female in connection with the mother-goddess cult, is a symbol of Anatolian mythology. Her story may  ..goto

Alessandro Andreuccetti
I appreciate the freshness of the graphic sign, his fluency and expressiveness.
The stain of ultramarine blue in addition to creating a center of attention adds depth to the face is glimpsed behin ..goto

Ata Arif
Simko is a good artist. He is painting out of his emotions and deep from his heart. He is a true reporter of a nation who have been killed and terrorised for hundereds of years, nobody hears their voi ..goto

krisztina asztalos

sunil b
I just love this work !


Cheers! ..goto

simone barbieri

Antonio Bardino
Roxy è troppo Brava
Antonio Bardino ..goto

Florence Beal-Nenakwe

Harry Bella Fonte
Am I mistaken or are these pieces edible? They look like they could have been baked in an oven, as if they refer to some past times of caring and nourishment.. ..goto

John Berry
For quite some time, yes. Partly because I really don't know where the piece"came from" - I still learn from it. The largest piece I've done was 1.4 x 1.5 meters. It was a battle for sure. But the ..goto

Claudinei Bettiol
beautiful work... would love to see it in person. ..goto

mermaid blue
Questo quadro non è solo bello, è...energia, movimento, colori, prezioso nella sua completezza, nella sua pienezza, carico, forse, della passione messa nel realizzarlo...complimenti!...fortunata la tu ..goto

Daniele Bongiovanni
Il soggetto non mi piace per niente(ahaha)
però c'è una gran tecnica. ..goto

S. Boogle
Glad you like it. Without a smile every now and then where would we all be? ..goto

Elaine Bowe
Ann, I painted this in Ireland. I was thinking about being homesick when I had travelled abroad and how much I used to miss the colours of the early morning Irish landscape. It relates to my emotiona ..goto

isabella branella
questi dipinti ,realizzati per "Fiori di maggio" di Yzu , trovano spiegazione nel sito
un caro saluto

isabella ..goto

Felicity Breen
Very beautiful work. Love your careful use of black against colour. ..goto

Valerie Brennan
JP thanks for your comment and interest in my work..Its older work but here is a link to my blog on the pieces you like

I see we share some si ..goto

jean Buyl
Hi Aimee,behaps a few paintings ? ..goto

angelica cabias
cool ..goto

Claudia Canali
Semplicemente fantastico! ..goto

Gracias por tu comentario Jan.
¨QUAY¨ es muy delicado,exquisito,gran trabajo. ..goto

sunil chejara

Roger Cummiskey
Morning JP. The incorporation of Oil abstract paintings at this time has been due to pressure from existing clients and a personal desire that has been suspended for about 4 years to increase the vari ..goto

Paolo Roberto D'Alia
scusami se tin scrivo in italiano , ma il mio inclese e molto scadente, ma ci tenevovo ha criverti che questo tuo lavoro ma, ma in generele tutta la tua oproduzione la trovo geniale. ..goto

Antonio D'Antonio

kobe de peuter
Please, check out my work at ..goto

tiziana di crescenzo
Mi piace molto, è luminosa, un solo sguardo non è sufficiente a cogliere tutti i particolari di quella che mi sembra una vera e propria visione del mondo.
Protagonista è la croce che sembra irradi ..goto

Giovanna Donnarumma
Complimenti è stata la prima opera che mi ha colpito su questo sito!!!!...dire che mi piace è poco ..goto

Vasyl Dzhabraylov
i like it very much. vasyl. ..goto

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devine doodle
snappy boogle ..goto

Awesome Fackin
Looks strangely familiar to me... Haven't we met before? Did we have a shower together? ..goto

paolo fantelli
compliment ..goto

Beatrice Feo
Grazie Massimo! a me questo fa impazzire!!! leggi il mio blog su equilibri d'arte c'è qualcosa che potrebbe interessarti!
Baci Beatrice

[LINK] ..goto

elenashirin ferrario scacchi
complimenti mirek! elenashirin ..goto

carlo fortini
la mia amata e bellissima figlia ..goto

drinceanu gabriela

Herminio R. Giménez
Why coffee..? I was always wondering how I could use the left overs of my early morning coffee. I had a canvas ready and decided to experiment with it, one drop or two every day, the result is what yo ..goto

Werner Glinka
Thank you for your comment. I like people to find within themselves what these pieces bring to them. Whether it is spiritual or purely aesthetic, if they find something to enjoy my work ..goto

Rosemary Golcher
Hola Sandra !!! Yo he encontrado el arte Textil a traves de mis pinturas y veo que vos lo has encontrado a traves de la fotografia. Veo que vivis en Florecia, Italia, y yo ya he estado ahi en dos ocac ..goto

Bala Gopal
I like these paintings and they've given me an idea on how to handel a brush while creating textures. even i do this kind of textures,but not upto u vijay. And i will put the stuff up on the site so ..goto

Hilda H
hello my friend Kahiray .. thanks for inviting me here to discover this website.. i second my openion with John Paul its a strong painting and representing most of people feelings wich is the lost cit ..goto

maggie hargreaves
You're right, this is the end of a series of explorations linked to the sea. I looked at corrosion of metal,monotypes , and eroding ice with salt on time lapse and other drawings. This is where it lea ..goto

Hi new to the art world regards selling my work, thanks its something that I would not know about. It has made me more aware of what is going on in the art world.

The painting that you have  ..goto

zama interiors
beautiful ..goto

christo jaworski
excellent color line and balance i lik how the orange and blue contrast ..goto

Raymond Jordon
I've never studied art so maybe I can't 'read into' a painting the way some people can but this painting to me is so good. It's eye-catching! I love it! ..goto

Thanks JP. I believe the answer is Yes, the role of the artist is always political. The ideal of a woman, promoted by fashion (and others, even men's ones, like Playboy, etc) magazines means nothing t ..goto

Eva K
He is ready to breathe and seems exchausted after swimming(!) let's say.But maybe I take too far what I thought at first. ..goto

marianne katzman
Thank you so much, Maria. I will post some more of my work.

I have just visited your portfolio - your paintings are incredible. inspiring. ..goto

Elaine K. Bond
Pondering over my feelings about your paintings, I think I understand why I've been so touched.It's about the naked body...The way you paint nudes...I've always been attracted by nudity either in a se ..goto

Bartosz Kolata
I like his art but I was never inspired by it. Maybe we have got similar approach to reality ..goto

Johannes Kriesche

colarwholea kristianah
Its kul nd 1nda4ul. ..goto

shailendra kumar
nice work but ..goto

Yong-Man KWON


Giuseppina Mangiapane
So delicate as the dream of a light world ..goto

Vincenzolucio Mattaliano
This is my best friend! My domestic animal. the best friend of man! The Goat! your name is baphomet. ..goto

Mauro Mauropittore
la ribellione dell'arte di Mauro Di Girolamo ..goto

maria maza
It is acrylic on md board. It has also some silver paint on the background.  ..goto


pera mika
well done , ... the only thing i dont understand is the color of her shirt or jacket ... i think it is painted "too much" considering the smooth sound of other elements which are very "clean" or ..goto

Ayfer Mills

Ilona Niemi
Hi Maria!
Thanks very much for your kind words. I look forward to meeting you in Trapani, too. I'll check out your work just now... ..goto

Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin
Well, unfortunately, you have probably missed the best bit as it seems that we are slowly moving back to the tough times of the 80's! ..goto

Aimee O'Neill
Hi Jean,
I worked with photography because I liked its directness. A painting becomes something else again-especially equestrian paintings. Contemporary Equestrian paintings reference a huge histo ..goto

lorenzo pacini
Grazie, ne sono lusingato anche perchè è l'inizio di un nuovo progetto. ..goto

hyesoo park

Dipalle Parmar
Hi Sheila, i love flowers and i think this is one of my favorite in recent times. I dont and cant use oils so those who can i think are gifted...
I wonder if you made a visit to Rajasthan , India  ..goto

Ruth Peche
very interesting ..goto

Johannes Pfeiffer
I like this one. So artiful that it seems a natural form. ..goto

Gaetano Provenzale
continuiamo a risvegliare il pianeta Carla, vai così. ..goto

Jorge Restrepo
Excellentent Claudio!!! _Really expresionist! ..goto

Donald Ricker
is that a woman and a fish in the aurora as seen from low orbit? ..goto

Matias ro
Excelente obra ..goto

jan robson
superb art love the contrasts you have created leads the eye around the art wonderfully ..goto

paul rouse
Please upload a better picture ..goto

Arturo Safina

Lique Schoot

Heinz Sterzenbach
I saw the works of Hanjo allready earlier and I am glad to discover them here on ArtProcess.  ..goto

Teresa Suardi
Vederlo realmente e ancora più bello!!!! ..goto

Gemma Louise Swan
why is it so pixelated? ..goto

Giacomo Taddeucci
Complimenti veramente molto bello....
I lavori che hai proposto mi piacciono tutti e tre, ma questo ha qualcosa in più mi ha colpito particolarmente i colori le forme e quelle sfumature eccezional ..goto

Vera Tataro
Hi, thank you for your message :)
Your art is very great :) ..goto

Vinod V
In times of modern art, and vibrant colours, it It is a treat to come across artists who are influenced by so-called "primitive" art...! The colours used, allows one to confront one's own earthly fili ..goto

Cesar Vivas
It is a place tolay down my dreams.
Thanks for let me rest
Cesar ..goto

Andy Waite
Well it rresonates with me - colour, mood - I like all your paintings but especially this one ..goto

Christopher Wood
Dear John-Paul, Many thanks for taking the time to look through my new site. It's taken up all of my time for weeks now, so I'll be (extremely) glad to get back in the Studio on Monday morning - altho ..goto

yomobri yomobri
I love the strength of this portrait.  ..goto

The Invisible Force Field Experiments ..goto