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The Shit

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Little 8 (Piccole tette per dimenticare)

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El palleter

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Transit II

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Bread For Forgetting

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Why Make Art?

andrea bilinski replied:

"..I have been involved in the world art since I was a child.My background has been as a multi-media artist, involved with photography, film, video, computer-arts, painting and videoperformance.I worked in fashion for 10 years as a fashion designer,but later I decided that I was going to focus in art, so my patterns , my videos and prints, catalogs, meditation and art worlds merged. I transplanted the emotions, feelings and colors onto canvas, photo and video. The art and spirit merged to a profusion of colors, layers and light. I have approached composing my work in the same manner as my visions. Only this time I create what I feel and what I see.I look for smooth compositions, movement and depth. I am fond of horizons but I’m much more interested in transferring my inner world onto a canvas, a paper or a computer screen. I look for the tension between shadows ,colors and light, It is a sea of sensations, the greatness of inner world. This creates drama and introspection. My emotions poured into my paintings and my works and I feel that I could live inside of them. You are seeing the world through my colors, my feelings , sensations and my emotions.My artwork is a part of myself. "

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What do you do after setting up your own website and posting those images for the world to discover your talent?  While waiting for that enlightened day, figure out the true art of the web - the art of communication.  Then strike up a dialogue with the only person who'll ever really understand what you do - another artist.
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2 steps over  by Francien Krieg

hello francien, your work caught my eyes and i love the unique concept keep up the creative fires burning brightly. cheers and GOD BLESS.. [Goto..]

2 steps over  by Francien Krieg

unique new view and i love your concept...... this is a masterpiece!!
keep it up.. [Goto..]

Desesculturas-serie  by Jose Granadillo

Thanks for the comment. Until now (2014) only two works have done in medium format, maybe later work a larger format. Thanks for your comment... [Goto..]

Janela  by karen kruse

Well, I can't help but emphasise everything what I have said about the old studio as well as about Karen being there. And the longing is not fading, not at all but in the contrary... [Goto..]

Hanjo  by karen kruse

Well, let me think. I have seen this face before. Hm hmm . . . Was this the director from a theatre, or was he the manager of a horse race event somewhere in Wiltshire? My my, I cant remember but this face somehow seems very familiar to me . . ... [Goto..]

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O   Kristina Lycke

O   Kristina Lycke

O   Kristina Lycke

O   Kristina Lycke

O   Kristina Lycke

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bouncing   Maria Xagorari

You can have a look at this, Gigi. [GoTo..]

bouncing   Maria Xagorari

I'm glad you are still around! I find the story behind this intriguing. Would it be too much trouble to describe the disaster and the resultant mess? [GoTo..]

Mah..   Maria Xagorari

I see her as comfortably dissociated. She's almost grounded (look at her feet and their distance from eachother) but it is as though she is lingering between two expectant moments versus, perhaps, where she'd prefer to be. I like this one very much. [GoTo..]

she   Kristina Lycke

Dear Jp: the she is of course a he now and i didn't manage to leave him out. He walked into the painting without announcing it. I will see if i can find space for "she" somewhere, in the coming days. I didn't manage to listen to what i can leave out. Sorry Miles.  [GoTo..]

Stencil   NELSON JR

Yes, it was a lot of fun! I'm Hoping do it again as soon as I 'can'. This gave me the opportunity to revive the time I did this as a kid, and break my mind box. There are some artists migrating from street to galleries and some are not. Those who are going to galleries are changing their work and everybody is happy [GoTo..]

Forum Comments

Donne in Jazz
a cura di Giorgia Cassini
6 dicembre 2014 – 6 gennaio 2015
Spazio espositivo “Vinceremo” Piazzale F.T.Marinetti Albisola Capo

ALBISOLA CAPO – Si aprirà il prossimo 6 dicembre la personale d’arte contemporanea “Donne in Jazz” del maestro ceramista savonese Gian Genta presso lo spazio espositivo “Vinceremo” nella piazza ex stazione fronte mare sede IAT di Albisola Capo.
Un evento culturale di alto livello curato dal celebre critico d’arte Giorg  [GOTO..]

Paolo Anselmo ,Graziano Cecchini e Gian Genta
tris d’assi alla
1° Biennale d’arte del Principato di Monaco

Una terna formidabile di artisti di conclamata fama internazionale, campeggia nella programmazione della 1° Biennale d’arte del Principato di Monaco che si terrà nelle sale Bosio e Beaumarchais dell’Hotel de Paris dal 27 febbraio al 3 marzo 2014.
Paolo Anselmo ,Graziano Cecchini e Gian Genta scendono in campo per l’occasione con tre proposte diverse di arte contemp  [GOTO..]

British Armed Forces Veteran  [GOTO..]

nice story, i we like to learn more on this issue please any body   [GOTO..]

There are not many places to exhibit, in this local area without having to join a art group. There are two but I decline to join as they do selection on the art work and no guarantee you will get your work in exhibition. It costs a lot to frame your work, and also the amount of hours spent on the work. There was a census for a gallery to be opened in the area, said it was not viable.

There was a group, the main problem is getting people to help with the exhibition. Peopl  [GOTO..]

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Good, I am glad to hear that the SLOG is going to get better. Now I don't know about how much data can this site handle, but it would be really good to have larger images. An maybe a little more tidy layout of the projects together. When it started, for the Trapani purposes, one couldn't have imagined there would be so many projects and now the drop down list looks too long and messy. One more thing is that projects get in alphabetical order instead of time of publishing order, which makes it di [GoTo]

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