05 May 05 by John Berry
John Berry artworks

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One or all moments

This piece came to be after a period of spiritual frustration.

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05 Jun 05 05:00

For quite some time, yes. Partly because I really don't know where the piece"came from" - I still learn from it. The largest piece I've done was 1.4 x 1.5 meters. It was a battle for sure. But there's something about allowing the ideas to escape quickly without judgement or premeditation that excites me about smaller work. But the allure of a larger canvas allows beckons ...

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05 Jun 05 05:00

Well, in theory you could have some large canvasses ready and just work out your ideas there. Just because it's a larger space, shouldn't mean it can't be spontaneous? Confronting a big canvas is a much more physical act, that's all. And your "One or all moments" image shown here seems full of a nervous physical energy. I suppose I mean it would be interesting to see the result of such energy when your whole body is involved in it's expression.

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05 Jun 05 05:00

Hi John - so after completing this piece, did it relieve you of the frustration you mentioned?
I get the impresson you could take on large format works - the way you cover the surface so completely. I'm sure you'd enjoy a two metre high canvas to battle with..

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18 Mar 07 19:51

Hi John
I was watching your website and i love your work on paper. There is something similar with my work in a way and i dont really know what it is.
A feeling,a combination of what you see and what you feel for the picture...I dont know if you understand what i am talking about but....what i want to say is...GREAT WORK!!

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07 Mar 08 01:32

I definitely agree... I would love to see a large work too. The energy would tower over the viewer. I personally have a hard time doing small canvas'. I feel confined and restrained when it comes to the energy of painting. When I do a large canvas, I find myself with back straight and engaged in the painting in, as you write, a more physical act. When I paint smaller pieces I find myself hunched over the canvas and limited in my movement. I would love to see your larger work and based on the beauty and energy I would say that you would have no trouble finding the energy for a larger canvas. I definitely understand about spiritual frustration. I just heard a radio talk show by Michael Savage and he says that the greatest artist and the best artists you will find will be the people that are the most spiritually aware... Not religious... that is something different than spirituality I hope you found some resolution to your turmoil. Peace Abby

Sustained belief

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Sustained belief
Sustained belief

Can your mind ever be trusted?

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09 Jun 06 05:00

I like this one the most from your 5 pieces you have here online at the moment. I like the double opposing profiled figurative form. Perhaps also, because it's the least 'busy' and I think that allowing some blank or 'empty - ish' space is as important an element in a two dimensional work as is e.g., a figurative element.

A portrait of Gilbert Fontes

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A portrait of Gilbert Fontes
A portrait of Gilbert Fontes

My grandfather -


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Three pairs of spies watch you at all times.


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Part video game, part myth, part dream.

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18 Feb 08 20:28

i see that you exhibited at woods gerry gallery idid too but a long time 1978 it's good totalk to risdy grads