23 Jul 08 by sunil chejara
sunil chejara artworks

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price- 50,000

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26 Jul 08 05:06

nice work but

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27 Jul 08 15:39

Well, „ nice work but ...“ isn’t really a comment isn’t it? Okay, maybe the rest of it got lost somehow while uploading. Anyway John Paul is right that only showing a piece of art often isn’t enough to get what the artist was after when doing it. In particular when only having one single photo of low resolution of an threedimensional object.
When still working as a sculptor I did a series of small houses or cabins build out of wood. Hauses as such as well as houses on boats or even trunks etc. What I was after then was to emphasize the fact that all of these objects in their livesize were things to hide our privacy. A shelter and secret place for all our activities we don’t want to be seen by others. Our lovemaking, our weeping, our fears. So in the end all those houses hat the appearance of little boxes containing something very private. That means that the windows were too small to really look through or that they even did have no windows at all but just cracks to peek in but seeing nothing. So the general theme was privacy.
Looking at this object I wonder what this is about. There is a house with a door situated in a kind of dish and on the top of a kind of elaborated vase with mysterious patterns. At the first sight it looks as if depicting something out of Indian mythology. It could be some kind of temple. The title or description „House on the head“ unfortunately doesn’t explain much to me. So I would, like all of us as I suppose, be pleased to get a bit more information about it to eventually be able to see what I am looking at.