05 Oct 06 by ahmad elias
ahmad elias artworks

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New Isalmic abstarct artwork

Art 2

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Art 2
Art 2

New abstarct artwork created by Ahmad elias Artist

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30 Jan 08 13:25

الروح الشرقية و�
وسيقاها الرائعة صداها في اع�
الك شكرا اخي اح�
د و�
زيدا �
ن الج�

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30 Jan 08 13:32

زج الاصالة والحداثة بنجاح واضح

Art 3

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Art 3
Art 3

New abstarct artwork

Art 4

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Art 4
Art 4

New abstarct artwork

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30 Jan 08 13:30

السجاد الشرقي والحرف العربي �
صدر غنى اكيد استخدا�

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06 Mar 08 21:39

Visually stimulating. The piece seems lit up as if from behind. Wonderful mixture of shapes and symbols. I love your use of line. It seems so spirited and energetic. My eye travels nicely around the whole piece. simply wonderful I can't wait to see more from you.