12 Mar 07 by doris b. lambling
doris b. lambling artworks

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a slow grown, colorful sparkling abstract - started at february 2006 and ended at february 2007, representing the mysterious fluidum of life.

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07 Mar 08 02:05

Gorgeous. I love the way we are able, as artists, to slow down the process and make a piece a part of our lives . It is so much more contrasting and all encompassing to view when it comes to abstract. Very fluid, love the white dots and the way you fade some in and leave some to shine like spectral ghost in a photo. Did it take a year because you were busy with other things, or was it just never done until then... Sometimes, especially with the medium of oils, that the longer a painting takes, the more opportunity for the piece to grow with you. Bravo.

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07 Mar 08 02:06

by the way the yellow and aqua-marine color really pop and make me feel under water... very fluid.