24 May 13 by Jan Theuninck
Jan Theuninck artworks

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Yperite - 2004

This painting depicts the terror, caused by chemical warfare and the thousands of deaths on the battlefields

Zyklon B

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Zyklon B
Zyklon B - 2013

West meets East

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West meets East
West meets East - 2010

Following the G20 Summit Conference in Seoul, Korea the G20 World Artist Festival is held with participations of artists from G20 member countries at the Art Hall of the Korea Press Center from November 8 through November 14.

Belgium as President of the Council of the European Union is represented by Jan Theuninck with his painting West meets East. With this cultural event

Le Lac

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Le Lac
Le Lac - 2017

Abstract impression of the wall of Villa Le Lac by Le Corbusier (Route de Lavaux 21, CH-1802 Corseaux, Vevey, Switzerland)
Jan Theuninck painted it after a visit to the villa in July 2017. He met Albert Jeanneret, the brother of Le Corbusier, who lived in the villa until 1973, in the village of Finhaut around 1970. Albert Jeanneret was a musician, composer and violinist. He helped developing the Dalcroze Method in Hellerau, Germany. The Dalcroze Method is one of several developmental approaches including the Kodály Method, Orff Schulwerk and Suzuki Method used to teach music to students. When Theuninck met him, he was experimenting with sound recordings of daily life noises which he called "bruits humanisés".

Dein Kampf

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Dein Kampf
Dein Kampf - 2019

Stalag Zehn B

the feldwebel became a general

the campdoctor , a professor

and we the jews - it’s banal

we stayed jewish - no error

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